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Wings of War High-speed combat, high intensity action, and high-flying heroes rule the skies in Wings of War. All of the deadly drama and intense aerial duels of WWI will blast the PC as history's greatest flying aces take to the air. As rookie pilot Benjamin, you must prove your mettle against kings of the skies, and choose your destiny. Earn medals and ranks as you fight for your country under the service of your commanders. Seek fortune and glory as you take on side quests. The choice is up to you! The sky's the limit as you blaze a path to glory on Wings of War.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 774
Genre Simulation, Flight, WWI, Combat
Players 1-32
Company / Developer
Gathering / Silver Wish Games

Wings of War reviews ( 6 )

BryanJ., Sep 9, 2004

This game is great! And at a great price. I'm figuring the PC version is much better than the Xbox version, based on the reviews I've read. The PC version has great graphics with lots of little details like flocks of birds, lots of ground activity, and great plane models. It runs great on my mid-range system, and kept me flying for 4 hours straight last night. The historical accuracy may be off, and the game isn't a true sim, but anyone that enjoys flying games would likely get a kick out of this game. Il2 may not get much use from me for a while!

Roban, Aug 19, 2004

Superb fun! very accurate nice little features to have abit of fun with along with the more serious side of the game. challenging at points have only played a few leves so far. you may think there doesnt seem to be many levels but they are long missions.very pleased with it.recommended to any flight sim fans.

HarmL., Aug 27, 2004

Is this a great game? I tried to click the 8 but it turned out to be a 9. Let it be. When you are a serious hardcore gamer who wants to approach a game as yet another heavy challenge, you should not go for this game because this game is not a heavy task. Did someone ever wonder why computer games are 'played' ? In this game is an answer ! This game is just there for you to enjoy yourselves! Nice planes to fly with. Easy to fligh. Nice heavy guns. Everything is just 'hop in and go'. 'Wings of war' is a very cute game. You fly the WW-one planes trying to shoot other planes, bomb ground targets (and even fire rockets, bit too much historical freedom in my opinion). Flying is not difficult here. If you try to understand the physics of flying you can play the game better. But you dont need to. This is a very 'pure' game. A nice flight of fancy. Dont expect a 'greatest gaming experience'. That was not intended by the makers. It is just here for you to enjoy it. And that is what I do :)

Warmonger, Mar 21, 2005

This is a very good ww1 flight game! it's not Red Baron 3d but who cares!! (it's not meant to be) it looks great and is a blast to play, the controls are also very good with the Wingman Extreme joystick. This game is a bit like Secret Weapons over Normandy, only with ww1 planes. The campaign mode is quite extensive along with the variety of flyable planes, the planes themselves are very nicely modeled with a lot of little details. I found it to be an interesting and enjoyable experience, and more than worth the price!!

BjoernK., Aug 25, 2004

If you love flight games like "Air Attack" ("Fighter Ace"), "IL2-Sturmovik" or others you will like this game. In the Singleplayer Campaign you have to shoot down planes, then another one, then a car, then a train and the same again, so it's a little bit trivial. I think the missions in the campaigns are boring and they needs too much time to solve, though you can save at some points. But playing in Multiplayer is big fun. You have clever opponents and you can also use power-ups to speed up your aircraft or add some firepower. It's more a 3D-Shooter than a simulation, so it's superb fun, as well if you don't have much time for playing it. my conclusion: + very nice in Multiplayer mode + good graphic and sound + Instant-Action mode + you don't need a modern pc + you don't need much time to (learn to) fly Disadvantage: you have... - realism - it's poor in Singleplayer

BfingACN, Sep 9, 2004

Copy and paste from the readme: Known technical issues: --------- There is a known issue when using the Microsoft Force Feedback 2 joystick. While playing an Internet game, Wings of War crash back to the desktop.