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Wizardry Online This free-to-play massively multiplayer game draws inspiration from the classic Wizardry PC role-playing series.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1578
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Sony Online Entertainment / Gamepot

Wizardry Online reviews ( 7 )

VallexKoten2, Apr 4, 2014

This is one of the best MMOs I have yet found. It has amazing graphics, a great combat system, and some good storylines. All of this is needed for a truly good MMORPG. Though there are some unneeded cutscenes (which can easily be skipped), the actual game makes up for that. This is a truly amazing MMORPG.

bvb09, Nov 17, 2013

i am playing this game for more then 6 months. i really love it. Till new year the Elite classes will be introduced, which will make the game even more interesting.

DeBlois, Nov 16, 2013

Wizardry Online is like no other. The class changing system, the open PvP is what makes this game completely different. While other critics and gamers may paint this game in pitch black, it's a game for those who are up for the thrill of PK, puzzling dungeons, and making your character unique. If you're not willing to put up the time to try out this game, clearly it's not for you. Overall, Wizardry Online is one of my favorites and deserves to be checked out.

Nezumi, Jul 28, 2013

Okay, a lot of the reviews here are outdated, biased, or misinformed. Most of the ones complaining about connection issues, lag, massive amounts of bugs, etc. are basing this on the game's (admittedly terrible) launch, and things have improved greatly since then. The standard Medium Healing Potion is now purchasable with gold. The claim that you can restore perma-dead characters with money is, as far as I can tell, outright false and not based on anything. Sony did not make the game. They published the English-language version of a Japanese-developed game. As for people complaining about being one-hit killed by monsters they can only do one damage to... this is a Wizardry game. Like the classic Wizardry games, Class of Heroes, or Etrian Odyssey, you're going to need to gain a few levels just to be able to make it safely past the first floor of the first dungeon. If that's not appealing to you, I'm not sure why you even tried playing, and if you didn't expect that going in, maybe you should have done a little more research into what it meant when it said "Wizardry." Now that pointing out the problems with the other reviews is over with, let's go with my review proper. The game is good. It's incredibly faithful to the Wizardry series, only as an MMORPG with an action-based combat system. It's viciously difficult, risks permanent death (though the game does keep you from dying permanently in Soul Rank 1, its equivalent to "Newbie Levels"), has open world free-for-all PvP that's meaningfully incentivized and disincentivized, has some gorgeous, well-laid-out dungeons, fun combat, great music, and is all-around intriguing and nice. Now, on to the bad: Cash shop prices are high, and a lot of items are cash-shop exclusive that seem like they ought not to be though you do need a specific in-game currency in addition to Station Cash to buy cash shop items, so you can't just roll over it by having more money than everyone else without putting at least a token effort into gaining that currency. The translation is mediocre it's generally comprehensible, but is weird and inconsistent. The servers are absolutely dead between a troubled launch and people warning people away from the game based on outdated information, there's barely anyone on.

Drakx, Feb 3, 2013

The game plays well, when it works. It does have a lot of potential, but the player will determine what kind that is. The PvP aspect (being able loot any player when dead or attack any one, for the penalty of becoming a Criminal) is interesting, but easily going to upset some players. Deleting your character data when you fail to revive 2 times in a row is a new concept that will upset people when being hunted in higher level dungeons, but being able to put a bounty on them with another character and all vault inventory is account wide so its not hard to recover from losing someone. All in all, the game has a great amount of potential. Sadly, at this time, there are only 2 servers (US and Europe), so be prepared for lag jumping, long load times (something 5-10 min), and random disconnects. This is a game to keep an eye on, but there is no telling how long that may be.

HandsomeThief, Nov 30, 2013

It's kind of funny that I recognize the people giving the positive ratings below me. And they're friends too. Interesting, huh? Anyway. The problem with Wizardry Online is that it is NOT a Wizardry game. It doesn't even come close to actual Wizardry. Pick up an emulator, try any Wizardry between 1 and 5, and you'll realize these games were very unforgiving. You would find yourself very surprised if more than 5 people beat Wiz 5 without cheating or save states. During the PS2 era, Wizardry began to be adopted by a different group altogether: the Japanese. While Wizardry: Tale of a Forsaken Land (PS2) was difficult, it was not exactly unforgiving as you were allowed to do things like.. save. Over the years, Japanese Wizardry developers became more and more forgiving, and what you have now is Wizardry Online. And it SUCKS. Notable differences between just about every other Wiz game and Wiz Online: - Permadeath was a high chance. You could easily lose your characters trying to resurrect them. And if your whole party died in the labyrinth, they were going to lay there in corpses; you would actually have to make another party and find them later. In Wizardry Online, you have to be a moron to lose your character. It's almost impossible. - First person view. This is non-negotiable, and definitely should been the only way of seeing things in Wizardry Online. - ONE LABYRINTH. PERIOD. There shouldn't be a lot of dungeons, especially when this game boasts PvP! Pay attention, silly developers! THE MORE AREAS YOU ADD, THE LESS PVP WILL OCCUR. Especially when each dungeon has ~20 channels that you can choose from. Make ONE big dungeon that should be nearly impossible to get to the lowest levels. - And finally, if you're going to make a Wizardry MMO focused on PvP... do not make it with stupid RPG elements like skill-trees. Actual skill should be necessary. If you're an archer, aim your arrows. Mage? Aim your fireballs. Why would a thief be able to stab someone's back better than a masculine manly man with a great big sword? Here's a thought. Make the thief STEAL THINGS. lol. Like the staff out of a mage's hands when he's trying to cast a spell. Something! Anyway, in summation, the devs failed and the player base enabled this failure. Knock it off, and make them go back to the drawing board and create a real Wizardry game.

Dartflght, Apr 10, 2014

The thing with this game is... its fckin **** Graphics outdated, Horrible dialogues and the worst AI I´ve ever seen in my entire life. To everyone expecting this game to be "Hardcore", well it kinda is hardcore to play this game longer then 30min without getting cancer. Its a disgrace for every game claiming to be hardcore. Eventhough it is free to play its not worth a single mb on anyones HDD.