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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed, Wolfenstein: The New Order developed by the award-winning studio MachineGames. An exhilarating adventure brought to life by the industry-leading id Tech 6, Wolfenstein II sends players to Nazi-controlled America on a mission to recruit the boldest resistance leaders left. Fight the Nazis in iconic American locations, equip an arsenal of badass guns, and unleash new abilities to blast your way through legions of Nazi soldiers in this definitive first-person shooter. America, 1961. The Nazis maintain their stranglehold on the world. You are BJ Blazkowicz, aka Terror-Billy, member of the Resistance, scourge of the Nazi empire, and humanitys last hope for liberty. Only you have the guts, guns, and gumption to return stateside, kill every Nazi in sight, and spark the second American Revolution.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 7147
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Bethesda Softworks / MachineGames

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus reviews ( 7 )

Rrichard, Oct 27, 2017

Great gunplay, great performance, great story. What more can you want in a shooter? Really enjoying it so far. The alternate history is cool, and the characters are interesting. Definitely recommend buying.

Quietwulf, Oct 29, 2017

Well written, evocative story elements help fill in the back story of Blasko and his band of renegades. Great gun play and set pieces make this a must buy for any fan of the original game. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

MaxPalaro, Oct 29, 2017

The game is great, shows us a lot of racial issues that you can see on the negative reviews of this game. Characters are amazing, I cared for all of them all game long. Plot twists are amazing, really enjoyed some of the OMG moments. The gore moments are really good, you can feel the arm or head exploding after a 12cal shotgun hits it.The only issue I have is the level design could be more inventive with the abilities you receive at the middle of the game. But this is the best 1st person shooter of the years so far in my opinion.

JakSwype, Nov 19, 2017

Графика, эффекты и визуальный дизайн отменный, постановка шикарна, но стрельбы могло бы быть и поменьше так как из-за мелких недочётов вроде не очень отзывчевого управления под конец начинает надоедать.

0235, Oct 29, 2017

Cutscenes. lots of Cutscenes. I was screaming at my monitor by the end of the game, how dare they put those moments in grainy, 30FPS, 720p cutscenes. even a quick time event would have been preferable. The gameplay is a little rough. They took TNO's gameplay, and applied sandpaper. Stealth is pointless now, you aren't going to be able to successfully stealth it, yet the game features so heavily on commanders and stealth kills. The story is OK. not quite as grasping as the previous games, and quite wishy washy and muddied. Back to cutscenes. so many cutscenes. anything important that happens is in a cutscene, and this is a shame. there are many beautiful interactive moments back at the home base, and it is a shame this wasn't expanded to the rest of the game. Of course certain scenes have to be cutscenes, but there were far to many. Lets also not forget the "it as only a dream" level. And how there are many obvious open ended plot points (and a few plotholes that only a second playhtouigh may clear up) As for the bugs, the game ran very smooth for me on a mid-high PC, but a few issues with mouse pointer popping up, broken level waypoints and the odd texture / mesh glitch. two hard crashes (during cutscenes, now you see why i'm not keen on them!) Either way, 15 hours of entertainment, may consider trying to 100% it, don't feel empty, but don't feel full (and i'm someone who very much focuses on 100% games) Its not the bombastic power fest that TNO was, but a steadier gentler trudge through the Wolfenstein world.

jprepo1, Oct 29, 2017

What a sad follow up to a great series. The PC version is ludicrously buggy, and is clearly not ready for release yet. This is probably more on the publisher than the developer, but, from a consumer standpoint, its hard to see a distinction. The writing is atrocious, and actually may make ME: Andromeda look good. Its absurd, politically heavy handed to a degree I've never seen before, and detracts greatly from the already dodgy gameplay (good luck using stealth). Steer clear.

Gamemaster4life, Apr 18, 2018

can't say i'll ever buy a bugthesda title ever again. not worth a buy not worth torrenting not even worth watching on youtube and it's a damn shame since Wolfenstien TNO and the old blood were pretty great games on their own Liberals ruin everything they touch, same goes to kikes.