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World in Conflict: Soviet Assault World in Conflict: Soviet Assault allows players to relive the Cold War in a dramatic, gritty, real world setting driven by compelling characters and storyline. This one of a kind strategy game offers players a unique team-oriented experience on chillingly realistic battlegrounds. Soviet Assault features all-new characters, gameplay from the Soviet perspective, ten new films, new multiplayer maps and more. [Ubisoft]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1618
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Military, General
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Massive Entertainment
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World in Conflict: Soviet Assault reviews ( 5 )

SolarGaming, Apr 3, 2014

World In Conflict: Soviet Assault is a rather fun mission-type RTS, while with no resource management beyond tax income, it excels in what it delivers with awe inspiring visuals and strategic gameplay beyond what most can handle allowing countless of their troops to march into death. First up is the strategy elements in the game, this can sometimes feel as if it was a Total War game set in the "Modern Era" in which every single movement counts. Infantry and sometimes light transport can hide in the forests designed for ambushes and strategic placement for ground infantry. Infantry can go into buildings and use them as makeshift forts, making an apartment complex an MG nest, or even hold off tanks with AT units firing from windows that suddenly attack you from the side as you're going by. APC's are used as transport over land, and if it's amphibious even by sea if you are in need of that approach. Tanks are broken down into light, medium, and heavy. Light for taking out small infantry units and light transport, but are dominated by AT. Medium for taking out APC's, but are easily taken out by artillery. Finally, there's heavy that is for taking out buildings, and breaking through enemy locations to capture strategic points on the map, that have only two weaknesses I could find, air units and Tac Point bonuses. Anti-air is broken into light and heavy, heavy being mobile sam turrets mostly, and light using heavy bullets that tear apart helicopters mid-air, but both are easily taken out by land units. Air vehicles are in two different places, the "Tac Points" and the buy menu. The buy menu uses helicopters ranging from lightweight scouts used to find enemies moving around to flank or simply finding where the enemy is advancing from. Transport to quickly move behind enemy lines and fortify to capture a point. And heavy to take out armored units such as any tank, and some APC's. Artillery is broken down into light and heavy weight, as well as getting much larger single strikes through "Tac Points". Heavy for the Soviets are Howitzers that fire large shells that deal much more damage than the rapid fire artillery for Nato, or the balanced between version of American heavy artillery. Lightweight artillery takes out pretty much only light transport, and infantry which is a bit underwhelming at first but if you figure out where to fire with it, it can change battles around. Perhaps the best part of this game is the Tac Points that range from calling in paratroopers, to tactical nuclear devices. This is what expands the strategy in almost every way. The tac points such as the cluster bomb is devastating and should be kept close to you if you ever get the points. The nuclear device levels entire sections of the map with little to no effort besides getting there, and is by far the most visually and shows the best use of the game's physics. The lighter, cheaper tac points are made to allow for strategic flanks around enemies, or such as an A10 taking out a group of APC's or tanks. Here's a tip instead of moving infantry in to take out the enemy snipers use a Napalm strike on his position, or a bunker buster if he's in a building. The story is good for the most part, you take the role of both sides starting with the invasion of West Germany, killing the 6th armored platoon of America. This is the first battle of what is supposedly WWIII. The Soviets later invade North America through cargo freights and sneaking in to American homelands and attacking Seattle and fighting back the unprepared National Guard and U.S. Army. Although the most surprising part, is where a rather hated character turns loved by me where he sacrifices himself in the most honorable way possible, living up to the code that he will fight for his country no matter the cost. The part that was most surprising to me was it's what he wanted, he died and you had to call in the order to do it. Giving a fairly touching cinematic, and giving you motive to not let a strike be launched at Seattle later on. It shocked both sides as well, halting the soviet forces that attempted to go through the area, Paradise Falls, and shocked America by how they were almost forced to do it. Multiplayer is perhaps the best part allowing for some rather significant features, and the key feature is choosing a role and using it to cover the weaknesses for other players, although not completely as they do allow you to get some things in all parts which is commendable in it's own right but I'm going to give that a minus because it ruins part of the teamwork experience. The reason it earns it's 10/10 is for truly significant gameplay and it's complete add-on to the story of it's base game, giving you actual emotions when you order your men to kill. The multiplayer is amazing, and the Engine was made specifically for this type of game.

Peradon, Jan 4, 2011

A very good game with nice graphics and gameplay that is fun, although fairly unoriginal. The campaign is good with an interesting plot, although i'd rather have a choice between the two factions rather than them alternating as you progress, as it gets confusing. There's also a lack of a decent single player skirmish mode, which is bad if you like quick battles. The rest of the game is quite good though, and definitely worth a try.

eagle262, Dec 16, 2012

The campaign is very well done and provides an enjoyable experience. However the multiplayer is pointless because no one uses anything but gunships and AA. All the multiplayer is helicopters shooting things and anti-air killing helicopters and one or two people with armor. Don't buy just for multiplayer and don't get the soviet assault expansion if you already have the original game; it does nothing but add a couple new campaign missions

illage2, Nov 25, 2011

A fantastic RTS game. It does away with base building, and instead uses reinforcements you can air drop into the battle. This system also means that when all your units are gone, you don't lose the game, as any reinforcement points that were used on that unit get refunded, so you can get back into the fight quickly.The Tactical Aid is amazing. It allows you to call in Artillery, Air support etc. The amount of tactical aid powers you get is amazing. You could level an entire city with the Tactical Aid. It also looks amazing when you call down a rain of artillery down on your enemies.In terms of Graphics the game is solid. Explosions look satisfying, and the unit, terrain and environmental details are nice and clear.If your new to WiC then the control scheme might seem strange for an RTS game. As you control it more like an FPS game than a standard RTS game. Due to this, it could very well be ported over to consoles without any trouble at all.In Soviet Assault you essentially play two campaigns rolled into one. You'll be playing as both the USA and Russian forces.I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes their RTS games.

SamM., Jun 28, 2009

The fact that they can "Trick" players into buying an expansion that really isn't one, Infuriates me. I feel like i wasted what was it? $20 for basically just a few campaign maps? I mean common, the Download was only like 10mb-20mb, What a waste of 6 months.