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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth DECLARE YOUR ALLEGIANCEAzeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion's crusadebut even as the world's wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, join your alliesDECLARE YOUR ALLEGIANCEAzeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion's crusadebut even as the world's wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, join your allies and champion your faction's causeAzeroth's future will be forged in the fires of war.RECRUIT ALLIED RACESExplore Azeroth as new playable Allied Races, including four you've encountered in your campaign against the Legion. Embark on a quest to earn their favor and unlock each race, adding their strength to your faction. Create a new character and complete the full leveling experience to earn a distinctive Heritage Armor set.KUL TIRASAs a hero of the mighty Alliance, journey to the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras, home of Jaina Proudmoore. Untangle a web of betrayal and dark magic as you encounter power-hungry pirates, witches wielding death magic, mystical sea priests, and more. Explore the stony peaks of Tiragarde Sound, trek across Drustvar's high plains and red forests, and navigate the intricate inland canals of Stormsong Valley as you convince this fractured kingdom to join your cause.ZANDALARPrepare the Horde for war by recruiting the ancient empire of Zandalar. In this troll-dominated territory, ancient evil waits to be unleashed on the world as you battle crazed blood-troll worshippers, gargantuan dinosaurs, and titan constructs. Discover Zuldazar, the oldest city in Azeroth; unveil the bleak swamps of Nazmir; and traverse the deadly deserts of Vol'dun.PLUNDER UNCHARTED ISLANDSSet sail for the previously unmapped isles of Azeroth. Battle in groups of three as you race against cunning rival intrudersor enemy playersto collect the island's resources. Constantly evolving challenges await as you traverse frozen landscapes near Northrend, open the gates of an abandoned Gilnean castle, navigate a war between elementals and more.STORM THE WARFRONTSHead to the frontlines and take part in a large-scale 20-player cooperative Warfront to claim a key strategic location. Build up your faction's forces, lead the charge as your troops lay siege to the objective, and battle the enemy commanders as they make their last stand in this new PvE mode inspired by classic Warcraft RTS battles.INFUSE ARMOR WITH TITANIC MIGHTTake control of the Heart of Azerotha legendary neck piece entrusted to you by Magni Bronzebeard. Imbue it with Azerite, an invaluable resource that's emerged in the Legion's wake, to customize your armor with new powers and traits.ENTER A WORLD DIVIDEDExperience the relentless conflict at the heart of the Warcraft saga. Play through six new zones filled with new World Quests, new World Bosses, new raids and more as you determine whether the Horde or Alliance will shape Azeroth's future.* NEW LEVEL CAPStop the spread of the Blood God's corruption, unearth the secrets of a lost titan vault, and much more as you quest to level 120.* NEW DUNGEONS & RAIDSFight through all-new dungeons like the golden city of Atal'Dazar, and the outlaw town of Freehold! * CHARACTER BOOSTAdvance a new or existing hero character to level 110 instantly, and be ready to join your new allies in battle!* COMMUNITIESFind adventurers who share common interests through in-game Communities and join cross-realm social groups.… Expand
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 109
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Blizzard Entertainment / Blizzard Entertainment
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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth reviews ( 6 )

JakeNoLastName, Aug 13, 2018

It's got trolls, it's got Mesoamerican art and architecture and its got dinosaurs. What more do you need? 13/10 Would recommend. I'm sure there's some good Alliance stuff too, but whatever. For the Horde!

Dman2, Sep 12, 2018

Pros: The Art work, quests, story line, cut scenes and cinematics are top notch as always. Dungeons are bit buggy, overall fresh and fun. World PvP is probably my favorite aspect of this expansion so far, love the bounty system. Cons: Island Expeditions were poorly implemented, and are completely dead after the first week...they need to be rework or removed asap. Warfronts: The gameplay is buggy, rewards are great; they really should be made into a 20 vs 20 battleground... Class game play: "Class fantasy" (as blizzard puts it), is pretty clunky. Damage is currently being balanced, but the skills and GCD flow need a lot more work The response from Blizzard to the community is a train wreck... just about everything they do with weekly updates gives me one less reason to play... I love Blizzard and their games, but they really need to listen to the community and reflect on the feedback.

river_god, Jan9, 2019

The game sadly is trash at the moment. I was subbed nearly the whole time from Wrath to Legion, even WoD had better class balance and was more engaging despite the content drought. BfA is without doubt the worst WoW expansion ever released. I pre-ordered the deluxe edition and wish I hadn't as I am no longer subscribed to the game. BfA is essentially a series of frustrating chores for very little reward. Of course WoW has always been about the grind, but getting any sort of tangible reward is almost entirely dependent on RNG and not your skill or time spent in the game. The allied races advertised (Kul Tiran and Zandalari) are not even in the game. BfA was released in August. I am writing this review in January. Kul Tirans and Zandalari are STILL not in the game. They are also (like all other allied races) gated behind reputation grinds, another chore that no one really wants to do. Also, the Azerite system that was advertised as being fun and engaging is almost meaningless, with ilvl upgrades having different Azerite traits that require grinding Azerite in order to unlock. However, all traits are similarly valid, and unlike the legendary weapon system in Legion there is no personality or interesting aspects to the Azerite system. There is almost zero lore behind it, and in game the system is very confusing and makes you wonder why they added it to the game at all. There are a myriad of other problems with the game currently but in a nutshell: Unless you absolutely love Mythic+ or Uldir (the only raid released so far) there is very little reason to stay subscribed to the game in it's current state. Hopefully the next expansion will be better than this one, but I doubt it.

ddsnox, Jul 24, 2020

I have been playing WoW and off since the start, no expansion has ever been as terrible as this one. Even WoD was better and it was half finished! Massive drop in quality from Legion I am very disappointed.

chrisnorris, Oct 15, 2018

As a long time subscriber I can tell you that this game is not good. it is without a doubt the worst expansion they have released. save your money find something better. WoW is dead. I unsubscribed after 14 years without unsubscribed I loved what WoW used to be not what it has become. avoid disappointment don't return. don't even give it a chance. the developers aren't interested in what the player base want. they are basically forcing people to buy there in game currency. Mythic plus is decent. raiding is not bad. too many outside influences wether you can get in groups though. heavily reliant on outside sources to know if an item is good or not. class design sucks. if you can play for like an hour a week but are willing to pay for that then maybe id suggest trying it. you have as much chance as top end players to get the items you need and are actually useful. they new systems azurite armour warfronts and island expeditions are not exciting or intuitive. it is garbage. if you loved Warcraft when it was a real game that rewarded effort. then I urge you go to the private servers. they are doing wonderful things. or wait for classic to be released.

Kikkenmursel, Sep4, 2018

New and returning players beware!! Everything is time gated, you have to grind boring and dull world quests for weeks just to unlock your new main character, even in outdated Legion content. And then if you don't want to give more money to Blizzard for a race change, you have to level it again to level 120, so more boring outdated stuff. Everything seems time gated, even quest items have an absurd cooldown of 20 seconds, just to make sure that you are slowed down as much as possible. What a joke. WoW used to be great fun, but this is too much. Sorry.