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World of Warplanes World of Warplanes is a stand alone Free to play game being developed by the team that created the award winning and highly acclaimed game, World of Tanks. World of Tanks ( is a team-based massively multiplayer online game dedicated to armored warfare in the mid-20th century. An advanced system of vehicle upgrade and development allows you to try out the vehicles and weapons featured in the game. Whether you prefer to exhaust your foes with fast and maneuverable light tanks, punch deep into enemy lines with all-purpose medium tanks, use the power of heavy tanks to eliminate opposing forces, or become a high-powered sniper using long-range artillery, each unit type is extremely lethal and effective when commanded by a true tank ace.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3545
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Tactical, Historic
Company / Developer /
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World of Warplanes reviews ( 7 )

MajorMadMike, Nov 13, 2013

Best fun I've had with friends in ages! Great game! It's fast and furious! Just love the airplane models and some of the maps are downright beautiful.

BDNeon, Nov 9, 2015

World of Warplanes has often been thought of as the runt of the Wargaming litter, but I feel that's rather unfair. The game has very fast and frantic gameplay, with good emphasis on tactics. You may get into a dogfight with an enemy plane that out-turns you, while luring him into a descending tail chase at slower and slower speed, until you reach your optimum altitude and slam on the engine boost, leaving him in your dust as you set up for an attack run once he gets far enough away. The population issue is still noticeable, but there are now fairly competent bots as of update 1.9 that help to fill matches. Give it a try.

bamboozler, Nov 13, 2013

Very nice game, a lot of fun and easy to start a match! Love the sound, the maps (they're beautiful!!) and the plane models. You want to have fun with friends? Download this free-to-play game!!

Reuter, Nov 22, 2013

Terrible game and quite frankly an insult to historical military aviation. The subpar game engine is just not suitable for flight games, which usually takes place on really big maps. However in WoWP you get unrealistic sense of speed (everything is way too slow), tiny maps, compressed service ceiling. The flight physics are just abysmal. Drag, gravity, momentum? Warplanes never heard of that. The physics are as unrealistic as it can get, even Arcade games like Crimson Skies (2000!) or Blazing Angels have far more believable flight physics at least for Arcade standards. Flying an aircraft in WoWP feels like forcing a brick through thick jelly. While the bad flight physics are one reason for this, the game engine has also significant input lag due to serverside controls. You're basically pressing a button, the command gets send to the server, gets send back and only then your aircraft starts to move. While this is only a matter of milliseconds, the delay is always noticable and makes quick reactions impossible. Also no support for TrackIR. In terms of graphical fidelity this game is average at best. But, just like WoT, the engine isn't able to give you a stable amount of FPS. Once you're engaged in a huge dogfight, the framerate is going all over the place. This again is due to the lack of real multicore support of the game engine itself. Quite frankly this is inacceptable for the year of 2013. The sound effects are hideous aswell. Nothing in this game sounds even remotely like its real life counterpart. Aircraft engines sound like lawnmowers, machineguns and cannons seem to resemble BB guns. Remember when I said that this game is an insult for historical military aviation? The selection of aircraft is te biggest reason for this. Half of the techtrees are blueprints and prototypes, which never saw combat in WWII. This is just terrible for a game that claims to be "dedicated to World War II military aircraft". Famous planes like the Fw 190, Hawker Hurricane or P-47 Thunderbolt are still missing. Gameplay wise WoWP also has almost nothing to offer. Only one gamemode which evolves into a huge furball sooner or later. There is not much room to maneuver due to the incredibly small maps. The hitpoint system is just stupid and makes no sense whatsoever in aerial combat, since more often than not victory is determined by bigger healthbars and bigger damage output and not by your individual flying skills. A 4 out of 10. There is room for certain improvements but quite frankly this game already took a wrong direction from the very beginning. Fans of historical military aviation should avoid this game at its current state.

alexneverlate, Dec 20, 2013

its not a flight game, but an action where "unit" models are just similar to planes visually. The engine is terrible for flight games (its meant for elf-styled RPG) Generally the game feels and plays very plastic-model style, with no flight or bullet physics whatsoever. I recommend you try the competitor game instead which is far better for any standards. (I think you know which game im speaking about) I did start with wowp but then swiched to another game and was very happy. By itself the game deserves a 5.. but in context of competition no more than 3

Thatguyy, Feb 26, 2016

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The balancing of planes is horrible, health bars for planes? That is just silly. furthermore there aren't any bombers, the game is missing some very famous planes like the B17, He111 and the Lancasters. The maps are very small and the graphics aren't that great. Not very bad, but just not impressive.

mogrim90, Dec 24, 2013

How can you play this Comparing to War Thunder this game is awful! The gameplay is the same as some android low-level games. The best part in the game are trailers.