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World of Warships Warships is a free, historical, online combat game from Wargaming. Command a massive naval fleet featuring some of history's most iconic war vessels, level up important tech modules and prepare to dominate the oceans in World of Warships. With four classes of ships, myriad upgrades, and strategically designed environments, every match is a unique experience.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2066
Genre General, Action
Company / Developer /

World of Warships reviews ( 7 )

Laetima, Sep 21, 2015

Incredible graphics, much more intense than tanks, already a ranking system and ranked games from day one! The more you level the more intense it gets with more to do in every classes (Destroyers, Cruiser, Battleships, Carrier). Can't wait to play Yamato, congratz!

MatthewAMEL, Feb 22, 2016

This is my first foray into a MMO game. It is an absolute blast. Gameplay is fantastic, very simple to understand, but has incredible depth. I live that is making constant changes/balances/tweaks and the community grows and evolves. Two complaints: 1 no way to get higher than tier V (1-X) without significant grinding. Lots of time invested. I usually have one great game for every 20 crappy ones. 2 yes, it's free to play...kinda. It's actually a very expensive platform if you want to invest in the whole experience. I have a premium account, but no premium ships.

Bribarian, Nov 19, 2015

Already I think I will enjoy this game more than Tanks, and I am. First off, it's free, that's a big bonus. Graphics are good, the ships look great, and the gameplay is pretty fun and addicting. What I've come to expect out of Wargaming. Not many makers have taken on the age of steel, and you probably won't find a better online game in this era. I feel after a few games in a row it loses its charm pretty quick though, and becomes somewhat mindnumbing. I prefer to play 1 or 2 games a day and try to call it. With the grind it's easy to find yourself playing so many games of it in a row you become sick of it. I'm also disappointed they didn't put in submarines, it's kind of hard to ignore that huge factor of the era....I can understand the game design would be harder, but maybe high tier premiums in the future.

Namex, Jun 15, 2016

This game is waste of your time. After getting tier IV it will get booring as hell, all you will be doing is just same thing again, and again. Whole gameplay looks like this: Get to good range, and fire. That's it, its whole game. The team who has more ships on one side will always win there. There are'nt any tactics here at all. Just go to left or right side of the map, join bigger group of ships, and gg. Also there is that annoying as hell Wargaming Updater(you can delete it, nothing will happen) It's turning on every damn time you start a game, and stays on. It's also turning on start up. Maps are boring as hell, and look almost same, few islands here and there, just to make it more problematic. Spotting system is even bigger joke, than the one in Tanks. Once I wasn't able to see a ship from 2-3 KM. Like rly ? Im on open sea, with ship high on 6+ meters, and still cant see anything from such close ? On the sea you can see stuff from 10+km without problems. Another joke of this game is how guns and projectiles work. Most of cannons can't even aim that high, so you can see how shells are coming out of air instead of the barrel. You can shoot over islands, and your shots fill go in super angle, like rly, rly unrealistic and big angle. But the most funny thing is that rank system, you get those points after every game. On rank 2 you get upgrades and credits. There are 12-3 ranks atm. But there should be more. Every rank gives you credits, because it would be super boring and time consuming, to get even a tier VI. Right now this game is complete joke, but maybe one day it will be worth playing.

kwawn, Jul 25, 2016

You want a game where you are often the top-scorer of your team? Then this game is for you: the bad - you will still always lose. The matchmaking-system seems to have some regulation in it - the better you play the more brain-afk your team becomes. the worse is you depend on your so called team. Is a rating of 2 point fair? The game has solid/average graphics, it's free (you think), and the concept of the game is indeed interesting. When you start the game at first you will think it's more worth than 2 point. But the problems will raise when you advance. The spoken matchmaking with bad players will lead you in MASSIVE frustration. Ask yourself: do you want to play a game a server forced you to have no fun? It's a typical rip-off. better don't try it. It only may work with a clan or something.

emerson123, Oct 16, 2015

Totaly p2w, have huge paywalls, the game essense is good, the HUD, the ships, but the rest... R.I.P If u like to grow stronger in a game dont play it, T7 is a paywall, T8 - T10 makes u lost money (-100k or more) in every match. Even with premium. The MM is a joke, totally unbalanced. In this game u will only have fun in T1 - T3 (that u can reach in 30 mins), the rest is a pain in the *** and very frustrating. If u are new here and dont like a p2w game with 923445 paywalls, google another...

Aquila, Feb 14, 2016

Apart from the pay 2 win element which already makes it a 0. The game is a torpedo dodging simulator, they do the most damage in the game. Annoying to play against both from carriers (planes) and from destroyers. Don't know what is more dirty; sit back from a carrier and take out everything from a distance or play a destroyer and play fast and cheeky with hiding and camping.