World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 International Crack/Patch

World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 International Winning Eleven 8 once again raises the bar with in-depth gameplay, improved realism and increased control. The game now features all the teams from the Italian, Spanish and Dutch leagues under the official license. Featuring 136 club teams and 57 national teams, Winning Eleven 8 offers gamers control of up to 4,500 of the world's greatest soccer players. The game introduces a wealth of new moves and tricks including new free kick and penalty kick techniques, an innovative indirect free kick move and a new dribbling system that offers more control as gamers go one-on-one and try to pass opposing players. Also featured is the first-ever on-screen referee in the history of the series. Boasting an enhanced ref AI, the referee will run up and down the field reacting realistically and instinctively to fouls, giving advantage for minor infringements and even stepping in to calm things down when the action gets heated. Winning Eleven 8 also features improvements to the popular Master League, which now has more strategy through player development and injury, and a new 'My Best Eleven' option so fans can save their greatest teams. [Konami]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 693
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Sim
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Konami / KCET

World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 International reviews ( 3 )

Dimi, Apr 28, 2005

The most dynamic soccergame to date. Great playability and lots of fun. This one beats Fifa 2005 in all aspects (except for the menu-system that has some flaws).

Porng44, Mar 18, 2016

Look like not much people play it these days, maybe because of graphic and evolution of new games. I started play it in 2010 and it's my first sport game, so the game gonna be great regardless of how old it is. the games can be actually fun at first on easier difficulty and you started to get a hang of it, and then go for higher difficulties. but things started to change the more you spend times on it. things started to become more unrealistic. passing is too fast and very accurate, even for a goalkeeper. Heading the ball into the net is too simple and easy, even on high level. and It also too powerful, can even compare to shooting. Thankfully the game itself features numerous clubs and countries. that include Spanish league, which at the time, I actually enjoyed this league. Try it if your PC is an old one and can't play recent games. I never play FIFA 2005, but according to critics, FIFA is considered less fun.

CC, May 26, 2005

This game isn't bad, but the fuss everyone makes about it is just too much. First of all, while the graphics are good, everything about the game looks cheap. Not that it is everything, but a little polish makes the game more fun to pick up. Secondly, the controls can be sluggish, especially on defense. The keeper is awful at times, not even attempting to save some shots that wind up going in. The touch of the players is realistic, however even the quickest rated players struggle with agililty. I've had this game 3 months playing regularly and it still just isn't all that great. I know everyone hates EA and I understand why but this game just isn't all that.