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World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 Arsenal's Thierry Henry and Chelsea's John Terry stare out from the box of Pro Evolution Soccer 5, both men at the top of their game in the Premiership, and both are die-hard fans of the PES series. The retuned controls in the 2005 edition give players more control over weighted passes, one-twos, and so on. This ties in with the improved animation, which not only looks more realistic, but requires you to time kicks and shots perfectly for maximum power - you're more likely to scuff the ball and make weak, inaccurate shots if you attempt to play them while off balance or out of step. In order for you to enjoy the full benefit of the updated controls, Training Mode is extended - rewarding efforts with points used to unlock secrets within the game. The new licensed clubs are all meticulously detailed, including the authentic representation of names and numbers on their backs. Increased detail in all players has been transferred to the Player Design mode, which has been hugely expanded to include more factors determining skill and ability. Master League, in which you guide a lowly team to glory, now allows player-managers to monitor individual players and see when their health declines and includes European teams. In all games, weather conditions can be set to 'variable', leading to patchy rain or snow. The new weather conditions further enhance the realism and unpredictable nature of PES matches. Rain or shine, PES 5 will be the greatest console football you've ever experienced. [Konami Europe]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 91 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1820
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Sim
Company / Developer
Konami / KCET

World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 reviews ( 6 )

TimurK., Mar 14, 2007

Seems more like addon to PES4 but still beats FIFA! More balanced AI then ever, but still needs to be improved (should be more then 6 levels of difficulty).

AndrewM., Jun 29, 2006

Simply the best soccer simulation is difficult yes...but that makes it worth playing...when you start kicking 10 goals to zip in 10mins of footy then you move up a level I reckon. There is no satisfaction in winning against the computer on 1 star...beating the computer 1-0 on 5 stars is something that gets the heart pumping and the hands sweaty! PES Fanatics will attest. And poor refs? This is a simulation...that's what refs are really like!!!!! The comment about this game being like FIFA 2004 is rubbish.

Pan, Dec 10, 2005

well, better than 4 in some ways, worse in other. it uses the stupid way to make the game harder, suddenly your team seems worthless in running, passing or shooting. (things get worse in the semi finals). what i hate the most is that stupid goalkeeper who got worse in 5. other than that, best football game.

JonT., Apr 13, 2006

Better than fifa 2006 but seemingly irritating. I'm not exactly the best gamer in the world but to be completely outplayed by countries i cant even pronounce is a little unrealistic. The fouls are somewhere between completely ridiculous and utterly irritating.

DiegoB., Jan 24, 2006

didn't like it... players react very slow. If you are running side by side with the other player.....THE CALL IT FOUL!! fouls are realy bad in has a lot of bad gameplay things...slow, bad shots... disapointing.

TTon, Apr 2, 2007

I agree with many people that this game has the best engine for simulating the soccer game (surely better than FIFA series ). But this has no worth at all since the gameplay is absolutely bad. For me gameplay is the most important things in the game, that's why I rate 0 for it. It seems like the production team don't know anything about soccer. In easier level, the gameplay is so nonsense. In the most difficult level, I have not found the harder soccer game but just a full of cheat game. Like someone above said, "if the AI decides to win they will win -if the AI decides to get a the ball they will get the ball", etc. And the worst thing that anyone who loves this game should realize is "when you get a goal, win the match, or get anything making you proud from this game, it just the AI decides it to be!"