World War II Online: Blitzkrieg Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

World War II Online: Blitzkrieg It brings air, ground, and sea combat of WWII to life in an online, real-time, persistent, and massively multiplayer environment. You can command a variety of accurately modeled vehicles, aircraft, and ships or explore the world and fight as a foot soldier in first-person combat with and against thousands of others. [Strategy First]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 59 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1405
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Historic
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Cornered Rat
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World War II Online: Blitzkrieg reviews ( 3 )

Bobbo, Jun 3, 2012

WWIIONLINE is the only game I know of where a bullet is actually a bullet, not an estimation of a projectile with probabilities. Is this quantum physics? I hate quantum physics. Similar game mechanics are found in games like Oblivion where you raise your shield it actually blocks weapon swings or projectile, not a percentage to block and probabilities.The physics, realism and energy deserves a perfect score, the graphics are dated, and so is Capture The Flag dated. Seriously guys we've been playing Capture The Flag since the mid 1990's, time to move on and I don't mean people randomly spawning behind me like in COD.

DanielW., Jun 28, 2005

This game requires that you have at least 1Gig of ram a 2.2 ghz system, even with that the FPS is very very poor, you cannot be a lonewolf in the game as you are directed by other players as to where you will participate. The CTD rate is absolutely incredible, and you get all of this for the initial box cost and a 15 bucks a month. Dont waste your money on this stinker.

OzO., Dec 23, 2007

This whole series along with Eastern and Western front were the worst games ever produced, from lackluster play, to shoddy programming and bugs galore, dont waste $5 at a second hand store on these... was really excited about the prospect of a age of empires type game here, it was just plain horrific.