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Worms Reloaded Indeed, while the most celebrated features of the series are present and correct, Worms Reloaded also sports a large amount of new additions to almost every facet of the gameplay experience. Over 60 single-player missions (including new Warzone Campaign and Bodycount Mode), a fully featured landscape creator, 45+ plus weapons spanning the entire Worms series and a huge currency based customization system - all wrapped up in HD quality visuals - means that Worms Reloaded will be a highly enjoyable experience, whether playing alone or with friends.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1977
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General, Wargame, Fantasy, Artillery
Company / Developer
Team 17 / Team 17

Worms Reloaded reviews ( 7 )

wolf908965, Nov 24, 2012

when I played the 1st worms I always thought that they needed more weapons in the game, but when i found worms reloaded with new weapon load outs i bought it on the spot now i play it every day i would recommend this game to everybody i saw! BUY THE GAME

SwitSwat, Aug 31, 2012

Only for PC, this all new fun and addicting addition to the series has you playing for hours and hours. With nice graphics and clever level designs, the game is a MUST HAVE for Worms fans. Especially if you really like Worms: Armageddon. The game is very similar and has a very high replay value. Especially when you have friends. Featuring online voice chat, this game is sure to satisfy when your playing with others. Single player campaign mode is also very enjoyable. With harder and harder levels as you progress, "solo mode" will also satisfy. Although the game is truly remarkable, it does have It's very little flaws. This game gets a 9 from me.

Spooky, Sep 6, 2010

A new, refurbished Worms in 2D. That alone would grant a 10 out of 10 ;). It's really nice to see the good old gameplay return, playable on modern systems, with a lot of nice graphics and animation. A very round package.There are a few small downsides. i.e. you can only play with a maximum of 4 Worms, but as already explained, 4 worms make the most sense. It provides the most "tight" gameplay experience. Local multiplayer is also available, however in online/network multiplayer, you are not able to play with more than 1 team on 1 computer.While the single player experience is mostly flawless, there are a few problems in multiplayer though. There are some small, annoying bugs and glitches and a few really annoying, even game breaking ones. Hopefully Team17 will be able to iron them all out.

Valleymsx, Nov 8, 2011

The classic Worms returns with a good polished style game. You can play on random level and you can generate infinite diferent levels to play alone. If you want, edit your personal level and send to a friend. There are a total of 60 Steam achevements (with all DLC). The sound is just correct. The poor thins is the chat on-line... but for the rest i think this game is infinte !! [8/10]

Zarxrax, Aug 29, 2010

I've been a fan of the worms games since the original, so when I heard about this game, I was really excited. Team17 had really dropped the ball after worms world party, when they decided to go 3d, so I was excited to see that they seemed to be going back to their roots.The first thing that struck me upon starting up the game was the menu. Everything looked huge, so I actually checked to see if the screen resolution had changed to 640x480 or something. Nope, that's just the way its supposed to look. It was rather annoying trying to create a team, because you can only see one thing at a time. What I mean is, if you want to select a hat for your worms to wear, you have to scroll through each one individually. You cant look at them all at once, or even see a full LIST of them. Same with everything from the gravestones to the soundbanks. I proceeded to play through the entire single player campaign in a few hours. The missions themselves were nothing impressive. Just a collection of increasingly difficult deathmathes interspersed with some simple puzzles. I was glad to see that the graphics and animation were much improved from the old games, but the gameplay didn't feel anything like what I remembered from the games I played 10 years ago. Many of my favorite weapons were nowhere to be found. Much of the depth from the old weapons is gone. For instance, you can no longer set grenades to have a high bounce or low bounce. Girders can no longer have their length doubled. The ninja rope has been nerfed into oblivion. While you used to be able to go up and over things with it, now you can only expect to swing along from the ceiling. Controls for certain things felt weird. For instance, the homing missile. When you have it selected, the arrow keys will no longer move your worm. Instead, they move the cursor so you can choose where the homing missile should go. But isn't that what we have a mouse for? Another huge annoyance is that when your turn comes up, everything freezes either until 5 seconds has elapsed, or until you press a button (and left clicking the mouse doesn't work). Usually, you might want to take a look around the playing field during this time, but you can't do that until you press a button to start your turn.At this point, I started to feel like nostalgia was getting the better of me. Nothing felt as good as the game that I remembered. But were the old games really all that good to begin with? Often when I go back and play old games, I realize that they kinda suck by today's standards. So if I just played one of the old worms games so I could see how badly it stood the test of time, maybe I would be able to appreciate this new version a little more.So, I managed to find my old Worms Armageddon cd, and proceeded to install it (yes, it works on windows 7, but you need some patches). I expected to be betrayed by my memories, but instead I found that the gameplay was every bit as fun and entertaining now as it was 10 years ago. The missions were much more creative and engaging. The training mode was much deeper, the weapon selection was HUGE, and the ninja rope behaved exactly how I expected it to. On top of that, the amount of options and customizations were overwhelming. I quickly found myself completely immersed in an 11 year old game, with absolutely no desire to play its newer sibling anymore.I wasn't able to REALLY appreciate how bad worms: reloaded was until I had a chance to directly compare it to the game which is was supposed to replace. I can objectively say that in just about every area except graphics, the 11 year old Worms Armageddon was a much better game. It had better physics, more weapons, better missions, better training mode, TONS more options, a better interface, and can you believe it still have a thriving internet community?!So my advice is to skip worms:reloaded, and pick up a copy of worms: armageddon. You really wont regret it.

VoiceOfReason, Jul 21, 2011

The only thing there is to say about this game is that there is a better version of it out: Worms 2. Yeah, that's right; the one made 14 YEARS AGO. The style of play is the same and weapons are almost identical (with the subtraction of some fun powerful items and the addition of hard-to-get weapons that are WEAKER than the starting weapons). The big difference is that Worms 2 looks like it played at least once or twice before it was released. This steaming pile of refuse looks like it was hastily evacuated from their sphincter as they ran away with the money I paid for it

unifex, Aug 29, 2011

As a fan of the original I was thrilled to play Worms Reloaded! Allthough after a few moments I discovered that it is no longer possible to team up with a human player against AI players. What the Hell? This was one of the most awesome features of Worms since Worms 2! I agree that this version has made backward progress. It is very sad to see, I would not recommend this game to my friends.