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Worms Revolution The game has been developed from the ground up and features a completely new game-engine. Exciting new features and challenges have been introduced whilst old favourites such as the Super Sheep and Holy Hand Grenade remain to thrill fans worldwide.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1979
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Fantasy, Artillery
Company / Developer
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Team 17
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Worms Revolution reviews ( 7 )

evilgenius31, Oct 11, 2012

I've played the single player missions for this game a good bit now, and I'm quite enjoying it. Definitely worth the price! Matt Berry's voice acting is stellar, as well as the way the worms seem to interact with him. There's a lot of little nuances that make it obvious that a lot of work went into this game. My only complaint so far is that I can't seem to find any multi-player games (it's entirely possible that it's on my end though). If you're a fan of the series, you're going to love this game!

Alidengote, Mar 11, 2014

This game is still a very good game even that it is made in 2012 it is very good and i play it about 4 hours a day just to feel the really good gameplay. My wore may game - Alidengote 2014

baolong1478, Oct 15, 2012

One of the best worms series ever!Good graphic,amazing environment and the great Dynamic Explore...I played Worms Reloaded for the fist time it 's release untill this game come out ! Good Work Team 17 :) (my poor eng)

AWG, Jul 20, 2013

Worms Revolution is just another Worms game, with all the good (it's funny) and bad (it's always the same kind of funny) things this means. Single player campaign is not bad and multiplayer mode works like a charm. Cute graphics too.

daimmonr757, Dec 31, 2012

Cannot deal with it. So much bucks for that? THAT? From Armageddon and World Party we receiving only new graphics and bad physics. So what is Revolution? Good DLC, but not enough after fcken 10YEARS

Spelledaren, Jan 8, 2013

I've always liked Worms. It's a lot of fun to beat your friends in hotseat mode, and the game always bring out some laughs. This one doesn't. Contrary to what other people have written here you CAN drop weapons from jetpacks and ninja ropes. Maybe they've patched it in. You CAN also create separate teams for separate players. But the game still lacks all the fun from previous installments. It's slow and sluggish, feels like everything is moving in some semi slow-motion. It's harder to aim properly in this one compared to previous games. Ninja rope and jet packs feel very weird and hard to control properly. The implementation of water feels very unnecessary. I though you could drown opponents worms with water gun or water bombs. And you can immerse them in water if they are in a hole, but it barely hurts them at all. They can easily get out from there, or stay in the water fighting like nothing happened only loosing 5 health per turn. If you want to drown the worms you have to throw them into the water on the sides or bottom. This feels like a very unpolished game. The core gameplay is crippled, and no fancy hairstyles and moustaches in the world can save this from being plain boring. If you like Worms, buy the previous versions.

jodes81, Jan 11, 2013

Simply awful. As good as no content. Only usable if you are playing against friends on your computer. The single player mode is limited to a basic walk-through, hijacked by not-so-funny dialogue. This will last about 20 minutes, but it will have gotten old after the first few seconds. Online multiplayer mode: no-one is ever on-line. This game is dead. DO NOT BUY! Remember, no refunds.