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WRC 6: World Rally Championship All 14 rounds of the 2016 WRC season, including for the first time Rally China; All the star WRC drivers and also a wide selection of WRC 2 teams and competitors from the Junior WRC category eSports WRC, the first international online competition of the WRC, which was launched in January 2016 with WRC 5, will continue in WRC 6.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1501
Genre Racing, Simulation, Automobile
Company / Developer
Bigben Interactive / Kylotonn
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WRC 6: World Rally Championship reviews ( 7 )

Carles, Nov 13, 2016

WRC 6 improved a lot in graphics and handling, but I think sound it can improve much more. Definitely it's not Dirt rally, but WRC 6 is the better iteration of WRC series by far. There are stunning stages, the cars are beautifully detailed, and the handling it's not perfect, but it's really good compared to the last ones. As I said, the worst area of this game is the sound. Engines sound good, but not in a powerful way as it should be (Dirt rally its way better for example), and the sound of the gravel and asphalt should be improved a lot, because you don't feel the extremely conditions that this cars have to face in every stage. It's a game that easily it's a 7 or an 8, but I give them a 10 because I think they improved a lot since WRC 5. Maybe now they are in the good road and can make amazing games for the WRC in the next years. Excellent performance in PC!! All working in ULTRA and 1080p with completely stable 60fps.

nashathedog, Oct 8, 2016

For some reason it's hard to find a game that releases in a good state for the PC, The dev's have managed to pull it off with this, With WRC 4 still having an audio bug even today and WRC 5 having the stutters which is the last thing a racing game needs I was a bit worried that I'd be wasting my money buying this straight away but we're in luck.. It's running really well, The visuals are nice, The handling too so I've no complaints. Great game.

Sveakungen, Oct 9, 2016

This is a massive improvement of last years fairly decent game. Biggest upgrades are in the audiovisual departments. It really look splendid on maximum settings and the sound of the cars feels spot on. The handling of the cars feel great and in simulation mode it is a great challenge to stay on the track. No, it??s not Dirt Rally, and thank god for that. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a game without the need for a pro drivers skills. There is support for most wheels but it??s not perfect jus yet. The Force Feedback is also much better and help getting the right feel for the road. And as an official game it a blast to get all the actual teams and cars. Especially now with the upgraded graphics. The only downgrade is the lack of last years excellent driving school. For me it??s not about Dirt Rally or WRC 6, cause in my world I need them both in different ways.

piacevole, Oct 26, 2016

The game here killed finally. Picture better, but not for it we get such games. The main thing: tyres feeling lost. In WRC 5 I can correct slidibg with gas as well as with wheel or brake. Now - wild shoves: I get WRC2 car - and fly from stay position like a rocket. In Seb Rally 1000 horse power Suzuki hill climb dont fly in such way. And then, yes, we see again crazy pracks... so, you fly to ditch, and for the ends of all - 15 sec penalty. What about they think? Idiots, really. Nothing else I cay tell.

Vainqueur, Oct 25, 2016

You need expert opinion about this game? - you found it. I'm an expert: in previous game I was the best, keepeing world records at 90%+ stages. I really know what about I speak. So, this game made great improvement in some aspects. First of all, picture became much better (althugh you dont see it in promotion movies, in strange way). Physics simplified alittle for became more friendly to Dirt players, but not spoiled really. Even copter camera in replay added instead of self-switching - great advantage! But not with it there were most annoying problems in WRC 5. They main problem was idiotic gameplay. So, now, as a result of community pressure, developers deleted mostly odious elements, but they, regardless of all, keep the TYPE of gameplay, stupid trash character of the whole. And they made it for purpose, I can say, to spite players, because all problems were many times discussed in detail and explained well. The reason for it is quite clear. For decades they produced, under "Team6" label, trash-type arcades with terribly ugly picture and without any physics - so, they adopted to concentrate at very special gameplay elements, so to say. And they target audience was also very special, looks liken, but its not the matter. The matter is in fact, that their games were empty, and they tried to fill it with idiotic inventions, making it, as if, more interesting. But now they got interesting phyical model and not so bad picture, - and they cannot accept the fact that now they must do sports simulator, but not idiotic arcade. So, mentioned gameplay type we can marc with words "surprize behind turn". Playing WRC 5, you cannot drive intuitively, being guided by co-drivers notes and your own visual data. No, you must keep in your imagination great complexes of macro and micro-virages, which you will face after some seconds. You moved in nightmare-type overtwisted tracks, where double, triple turns systems were weighed down with unnatural fracture of curvature, placed at most bad for driver points stones, trees, little knobs and so on. Trying procceed with all these, I usually imagined roared with laughter and poking fingers into mouth idiots, very glad to see all that. But instead of these physical obstacles another nice elements were presented: invisible traps. Since tracks furiously whirled, there were a lot of cut-off possibilities. Some of them were quite open, and we made these cut-offs, often huge. But sometimes just near track traps were placed: you could enter them even your car at 70-90% stay at road. Traps were of two types. At first they simply got you by the scruff of the neck and returned to road - with 2 seconds losing and, in serious struggle, losing all. But also you could recieve 5 seconds penalty - often for 10 cm cut-off, which you make NOT for purpose. So, game builders just destroyed game process, without any profit for somebody: great cut-offs could be blocked with physical obstacles well, and little- they could just really make the game more interesting. I shal not describe players impressions... I think, heavens shuddered with their moan and furious damnations. And devs knew well about it. So, what we have as a result? 1.Huge cut-offs now not presented. Tracks became, may be, a little less twisted and paled well. 2.Impudent mandotory respawns reduced to minimum: they are to be perfomed mostly in cases car really lost track. But 3.They concentrated on penalties. Of course, 5 seconds were mortal for 1,5 - 3 minutes tracks, killed game totally because no way to regain it. Now this value, grown up to 12+ seconds. They are being given for track losing. Most usual reason of it is picture freeze or bad co-drivers warning at unknown track. Also the reason is in fact you happened too close to spectators. And they for purpose make such traps: place spectators groups at jump-turn combinations in non-visible area. In case real competitions orginizers made somewhat similar, they would find themselves in a prison for people killing soon, but its, as if, improve game greatly. Here you can see, at 1.30-1.40, how I avoid spectators killing in sensible maneuver, but they anyway reload me with all-killing penalty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCRTeRfSuas. And the most nice - penaltis for little cut-offs. How little? - from 50cm down to 10cm. Penalty veries from 3 to 4 seconds, and its really interesting to acknowledge, in how way they deduce from 10 cm these also killing all 3 seconds. Impossible to predict, where is allowed way, where not. Foul traps, giving absolutly nothing for gameplay and destroying collective game at least totall. So, you must know: the only aim of this game - persecute upon you. Lure and persecute

titanus, Oct 24, 2016

Why they are in extasy? The game is unplayable. They added rocket engine, for became more close to Dit Rally, and made some tracks even worse, than in WRC 5 - absolutly mad. I was top-player in this previous game, but I often simply cannot reach finish: fly to precipice, because slight gas touch push car great, it begin to slide in undrivable mode, At short Mexico track I got minor tear car (WRC2) - dont help. And now each time you recieve 10 second penalty. These guys are absolutly without head, impossible to understand, for what and for whome they produced all these.

laimer_pro, Mar 6, 2017

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