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WWE 2K16 The newest addition to the flagship WWE franchise will deliver authentic, high-powered and hard-hitting action, including fan-favorite features and new WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends, gameplay innovations, presentation updates and more.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1453
Genre Sports, Individual, Combat, Wrestling
Company / Developer
2K Games , 2K Sports / Yuke's
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WWE 2K16 reviews ( 6 )

nyran125tk, Mar 17, 2016

Best Wrestling game to come out for a very long time (2K15 was great to, there's some things I preferred in 2K15, like the unpredictable pin system after a finisher or 2, was awesome, it gave the match a real interesting flavour, you could sometimes win after 1 finisher, which is realistic. For example The Ultimate Warrior pinning Honky Tonk Man in a few seconds after a finisher, in real life. You should sometimes be able to do that in the game also, if the wrestler is damaged enough). Easily the most wrestlers to EVER to be in a wrestling game. Its almost mind boggling the sheer amount of wrestlers on offer here. From 1980's through to today. Cant complain about any of that at all. Its awesome. But there's things I like in 2K15, that have been changed here. The Submission system is interesting but kind of bizarre. I havent completely learned the sub system yet. So they made the sub system really unpredictable but the pin system, SLOWER and more predictable. Id prefer them BOTH to be unpredictable if the wrestler is damaged enough. The pin system was more challenging in WWE 2K15 and made for more unpredictable behaviour than the new system. Its to easy for me, when I play against the Ai OR when I play against a Human opponent. It shouldn't be easy to kick out after a few finishers. This could be avoided with a PIN SLIDER. So the player could make it hard/faster if they want to or not. It should be personal preference based. The Universe mode I haven't played enough of yet, but its my go to when I finish everything else. the 2K showcase is great. Really enjoying it and I didn't have any issues with the 2K15 My Career or 2K16 My career mode. But the real meat im interested in Is the Universe mode, when I've completed everythign else and unlocked everything. If they can keep improving that every year. Having 3 rivalries and 4 matches in an event is good. But this mode could be improved even further. The gameplay is great, real nail biting against human opponents and sometimes against Ai opponents, the gameplay is getting better, with each game. Sure there's still bugs, but like NBA 2K, it took years to become amazing. I think this game is heading in a fantastic realistic direction. I love the direction 2K is going down, to make it more a Wrestling simulator, NOT an arcade game. But again, TO easy to kick out from pins. After a few finishers (or the wrestler is in the red) the bar should speed up or become more unpredictable than it is, so it continues with the nail biting excitement, right to the very end of the match.

Jhed291, Mar 26, 2016

It is the second game for 2K Sports that it ever release in Microsoft Windows and its also the third game since WWF Raw (or simply WWE Raw, Since WWE will never gonna mention the Modified F) But like the other console roots of the game, I Simply praised everything in the game itself, like I quickly hit Andre the Giant with an RKO for just seconds and the Mods, Oh yes the mods, I really love to bring back CM Punk and Hulk Hogan from its 2K15 Roots to 2K16 by just replacing its files, but for now, Im giving it 8/10 for its for its returning modes from match types, creative suite and the in-game Jim Ross from the commentary in the 2K Showcase.

Anoir, Mar 20, 2016

The game is a MAJOR improvement over 2K15. The Mycareer mode is fun, Mods work, runs smooth on 60 FPS at the highest setting and the new submission and reversal system when well played is smooth. NOTE: Turn up Finisher Damage few clicks in the Options - Gameplay. The AI, specially in MyCareer tends to kick out of 3-4 finishers a game.

progamerr, Mar 23, 2016

It's a good wrestling simulation.Yes Controller a bit glicht sometimes.However this trouble not affect entire game status.2k taking a big risk extract this game for pc.But it was worth it.I hope it will continues next year.I give it 8/10.

ZombieTech, Jun 26, 2017

On the fence on recommending this. It's good for wrestling fans... however, the in-game roster is lack-luster, and unlike wrestling games of yesteryear, there's not really much in the way of storylines/cutscenes. The game tries to make conflicts/feuds... but more or less a match happens, where occasionally stuff can happen in those matches if the people are in a feud, and that's for the most part it. Customization is great... can customize arenas, CAWs, belts, weekly-roster of shows, stats, etc, etc.

linvail, May 30, 2016

Best wrestling game in years (which it's not surprising given the poor quality of the latest games...Specialy the last one) BUT the version for computers is poorly optimized and "MyCareer" mode is cool but monotonous.