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WWE 2K18 A new MyCAREER experience puts you on the path to greatness as you journey along on the road to WrestleMania. Explore WWE through free-roaming backstage, conversing with WWE Superstars, forming alliances, making enemies, seeking out quests, and strategizing for upcoming matches. Road to Glory - Can your MyPlayer make it to the WWE Hall of Fame? Introducing the all-new Road to Glory. Compete with opponents online to improve your MyPlayer by earning unlockables, boosts and upgrades all while securing your entry into Special Events that are held alongside real-life WWE special events, such as pay-per-views.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1321
Genre Sports, Individual, Combat, Wrestling
Company / Developer
2K Games / Yuke's

WWE 2K18 reviews ( 5 )

jbrock11, Oct 19, 2017

The game would be great if it was actually playable. Right now there are literally bugs and crashes everywhere. I had 2 Universe modes going well til the game crashed and locked me out of both. I'm on my 3rd now solely due to the crashes. 2K should be ashamed of themselves for letting a game ship in this state. I imagine it'll need a couple of patches to get everything fixed. I may raise my rating later but as this game is right now, I'll give it a 5 out of 10.

Chrysler, Mar 17, 2018

This game is another wwe2k failure of a game ,feels like you play a cheap rushed pasionless game with lack of everything and bad choices,just a moneygrab 2k does every year,gaming community is already tired and sickened of greedy bastards that use and treats gaming and gamers like an easy money grab,you people are no real game developers but a sad joke for real gaming developers and real gamers,this game is not even worth 1$ not to mention 60,a failure and I wont be surprised if every wwe 2k from now on will be a mediocre failute that will never score over 80 overall,over 90 just makes me laugh thinking about it.

fenrishero, Oct 17, 2017

DO NOT BUY -LOOT BOXIFICATION OF PREVIOUSLY BASELINE CONTENT- If you buy these games for the single player RPG mode, you will be extremely angry. You can no longer import CAWs into career mode. You must create your character for that mode with a wizard that offers limited options. Even with the Accelerator, everything in that mode is still gated behind a loot box mechanic. It's pretty clear that the microtransactions were removed last second after the blowback against NBA 2k18. Until they fix this and allow CAWs to be imported into career, avoid this game. On the actual game side, it looks a little better, the roster is large, gameplay is improved and the move list goes on for miles. There is a game worth owning under this nonsense, but until they fix this, unless you are getting it for universe mode or to do exhibitions, it's basically a broken game when compared to previous years.

karelpica99, Dec 20, 2017

I thought FIFA 18 and NBA 2k18 are bad. Then I played this "game"... Absolutely, the worst game in 2K history. Lagging as hell, absolutely F---K MICROTRANSACTION F,,,K EA Mirosoft

DaVanci, Oct 26, 2017

Game is currently unplayable with its FPS only functioning within the range of 3-15. Loads fine and menus run fluidly, but once in a match, the game craps itself. Might be playable after updates.