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X-Plane X-Plane is essentially a rigorous flight simulator that simulates everything from helicopters and small civilian two-seaters to jet spy planes and the space shuttle.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1055
Genre Simulation, Flight, Civilian Plane, Civilian
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Xicat Interactive / Laminar Research

X-Plane reviews ( 1 )

DennisH., Jun 27, 2005

It is long past time that someone creates something that is close to the game category, where kids can at least learn a little of something useful, instead of wasting so much time with something that is not real and has absolutely no benefit. I just bought X-Planes 8, and it seems they are starting to add a few game like features, but at the same time have realistic features, which can actually be used to learn how to fly a real plane. It is probably harder to use, but to me, wasting time trying to learn what room has the prize can take just as long, and you end up with no real useful knowledge. Now that X-Planes has the sim accuracy down pat, and 100s of avid fans adding 1000s of new planes to the already long list of real and not so real planes that you can fly, with real topography of the whole plant in the works, they seem to be branching out to give the gamers something they like too. It is a short step from here to having the cities, buildings, etc. from the satellites, such as were used on earthviewer.com and now on google.maps.com, so that you can fly past your home, land on the closest airport, or use a chopper or Harrier to land in your back yard. This may sound far fetched, but just give it a few years :) I have flown many games sims, and you loose interest after a few flights, because the goal is to reach a high skill level that is unrealistic, and one that very few gamers ever reach, unless they spend more hours than is required to learn everything about a real plane. With X-Plane, unless you are brain lazy, you will never reach that boredom state, because just learning all about only one of the 1000s of possible planes can be a career by itself, and when you are done you have learned something real and useful. But game makers hate sims like this, because if you are spending so much time learning anything, they loose the sales of the next wave of games :) It is better to keep spending hours and money to feed you appetite, or spend only the hours, and have something useful?