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X3: Albion Prelude X3: Albion Prelude plays in a time between the old and the new X Universe. It shows a universe in flux, and prepares players for things to come. The old X Universe is passing; a new X Universe is about to be created.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1832
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Egosoft / Egosoft
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X3: Albion Prelude reviews ( 7 )

Admetes, Jun 10, 2013

X3 Albion Prelude have more than X3 Terran conflict to offer. In this expansion the interface is made clearer and more user friendly. There are a lot of bug fixes and the new politic economic changes add spice to the game. With 3.0 update there are a lot more of generic missions. There are corporation missions too and the plot missions are very enjoyable. Honestly this is what is best out there at this time. This game is just complete. You can do everything, manage everything. With Bonus pack addition(addons for game that have been certified by Egosoft so your game is NOT modified aka you can do achievements) gives all that you might need to make your life a bit easier. You want to fight? you have complete control over your ship=rolling, strafing all directions,moving in a real 3D environment. You can help the war effort too and make a difference over control of war sectors. Want to trade? start small and grow bigger. Want to exploit the market? make a trading empire and with the use of the stock market you can make money quiet easier than X3TC, which for some is a bad thing but is a relief for others. Want to explore? go ahead there are new sectors new mechanics In phew words: is just an amazing game. It has a steep learning curve but is really worth it. See it as a book that slowly unfolds towards you. The game doesnt rush and you dont need to know everything in order to enjoy it. Take your time and take it easy and be ready to be absorbed by this game. Give it a shot on steam happens to be on often quite regularly with x3 terran conflict. (the x3ap is a dlc)

FrostNads, Jul 25, 2012

X3: Albion Prelude is awesome fun. You can build huge fleets and command epic battles! The graphics are beautifully done, and a pleasure to behold. Majestic. I love the improvements over Terran Conflict, especially the stock exchange system. Update 2.5 released 24Jul2012 added Terran plots! I really wish that planetary landing, colonization, and planet unique resource/production/weapon manufacture were inclusive to make the game even more epic, but regardless, this is an awesome space game that once learned, provides hundreds of hours of enjoyment.

Efernal, Sep 5, 2013

If love space based games this is right up your ally. It is still one of the best looking single player space games I have in my library of games. Now the real problem is not the game. It is usually the end user. Most people cant get over the learning curve or the first few hours of gameplay Reminds me of people complaining about Fallout 3) This game has more of a Skyrim New Vegas feel to it in that you pretty much start off with a small learning section before being released into the game world. And like those 2 games you start off with next to nothing. With this game it all depends on wich game start you pick. Easy mode Start of as a trader with a cargo ship. Slow start and not a whole lot of action. Or start off in debt and some factions with kill on sight orders. If you played this for 10 minutes and quit its either because you dont like space games and got suckered into it from peer pressure or you didn't give it time to become an exciting game that I have grown to love. And I only bought the game because a co-worker bugged me to get it. I love swords, Spells and anything from that realm of fantasy. Though I do have several space games now.

zav42, Dec 23, 2011

Italian review from this URL:http://www.spaziogames.it/recensioni_videogiochi/console_pc/12561/x3-albion-prelude.aspxOverall result 9/10!Translated excerpt from this review: Positive: - Vast universe- High performance PC- Maximum freedom of movement- Longevity guaranteed for dozens and dozens of hoursPlot-engaging- Excellent special effectsNegative:- Not too many new ships- Lack of spoken Italian- Title particularly complicated to the uninitiated like thisRating: 9/10Final RemarksNeil Armstrong said that watching the Earth from space he could cover it with his thumb, but he did not feel like a giant, he felt very small. This is a bit like what happens when you sit in front of the majesty of this title. The graphic details are exaggerated, as well as items with which you can interact within the game.The gameplay, overall is unique, well-designed, and leaves ample space for making of the pilot to be part of a world that really changes over the course of the game.The music makes the experience very intriguing and interesting and curious to see up close the orbiting station, the postal and cargo shuttles or taxis will make you lose a lot of time distracting (at least) on the missions that you complete .The difficulty of the plot remains the only negative point: you accept missions from the beginning of the adventure described as "very difficult" without any chance of completing it. Missing, in a sense, an adaptation of the game to the player's real ability. Too bad that the voices are in English already so really seems to be on board a space shuttle, but to be called captain in Italian by a marshal of corvettes would have a completely different flavor.

Dethstar, Aug 22, 2012

This is more like it. A space opera!. Endless re playability and beautiful graphics in a massive environment. I have played most of the rest of this series and I was hoping for at least a bit more. I didnt forensically go into the differences but it is very clearly an X3 game. Nothing massively new but more of the same done well. It certainly feels a little more accessible than some of the others but that could just be my growing familiarity with the series. However, the game always feels like it lacks depth to me. A bit more human/Alien interest would really make this feel like a living breathing universe. I always felt like the game space in X3 games felt a bit dead but X3 AP does feel much more alive yet something is missing from what could be perfection. It would be awesome to visit a planet or a space station and walk through it engaging npcs etc face to face. If X3 had that it would attract a much broader audience in my opinion. That isnt taking anything away from a great open non linear game but I want to explore, see planets which feel unique or of a known type and engage with the folks on a space station for RnR. Recruiting crew etc. Adding some personalities to the NPCs etc would have dramatically. Suggestions for the Next Generation in the X series perhaps.

Zuber00, Jan 28, 2014

I have played this game for about 2 hours and it's only getting more boring. This game isn't absolutely bad but it's just that i usually don't like games where you fly in space and stuff. Combat was boring for me and so was flying. In a way it was fun but it gets boring too quick.

JonnysBeard, Mar 19, 2015

There is nothing to be said about this game that hasn't been said about X3:TC Same game, most additions are actually mods for TC made by the community. Combat, interface, tediousness, learning curve didn't improve much if at all. Known problems are still present and the same mods exist to fix them. Just spells "no effort from Egosoft" all over it again and doesn't deserve perfect 10/10 ratings at all.