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X3: Terran Conflict It is the culmination of the X trilogy, with a grand finale that takes us all the way back to Earth's own solar system. Gamers can take on the roles of different characters in the X universe, or of a Terran military pilot, and experience a multitude of stories in the largest X universe ever featured – for X3: Terran Conflict will offer more missions than any other X game before. Meanwhile, X3: Terran Conflict will pose questions such as: How has Earth changed in all these years? And how will relations between Earth and its counterparts in the X universe develop? [Deep Silver]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3044
Genre Simulation, Sci-Fi, Space, Small Spaceship, Combat
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Egosoft

X3: Terran Conflict reviews ( 7 )

RichB., Oct 17, 2008

Now with the solar system's planets the X series has never been more engaging. A totally immersive, with a scalable sandbox mode which can have you in charge of an empire the size of your imagination. stunning graphics and a gripping story too (if you feel like persuing it). some say the game has a steep learning curve but 100% worth it, plus you will still get the most from this if you have not played any of the previous games. Build, fight, trade, think, the title's tagline is a perfect way to sum up the open ended nature of the game.

kranky, Aug 4, 2012

This game is wonderful and so deep. Not very hard to learn, I've spent 1 hour reading x3wiki and watching tutorials and was ready to play. Maybe interface is not very user-friendly, but there are mods which can fix that. This game needs better AI, less scripting and modern graphics and it will be perfect.

MrButtermancer, Mar 26, 2011

Alright, the learning curve in this game is vertical. If you're going to buy it, understand that. Understand that you're going to have to learn hotkeys. Understand that you're going to be looking in the manual for a good few hours to figure everything out. But understand that it's worth it. X3 TC is an absolutely fantastic, beautiful, and immersive game. The sheer size of the thing is something along the magnitude of 8 million cubic kilometers spread throughout several hundred sectors. There are varied races each with many unique starships. The economic and combat aspects of this game are spectacular. Trading goods and building factories is immensely satisfying. The music and art makes the entire experience that much more epic. If you're willing to spend the time getting to know her, X3 can take you for one heck of a ride.

PhilP, Dec 11, 2008

I'm not sure why the X-Series has always received such poor reviews from the critics. Sure the learning curve is steep and the UI is not ideal, but the shear magnitude of the universe, incredible graphics, customizability and replayability make this a great value and wonderful game. Any old-school fans of Elite will absolutely love this game.

SebastianG, Feb 17, 2009

I would be perfect if it would't have some things that really piss you off like the universe map or the autopilot system that can't pass near an asteroid whithout doing a lot of stupid movements...

HammerofHeaven, Jul 31, 2012

A lot of this game is amazing. It is deep and doesn't hold your hand allowing for an interesting experience. The problem comes in with the AI. You can be playing for hours and non stop you'll run into issues with the auto-pilot non stop. Both with the player ran ship and with other ships, yours or otherwise. You'll find that you from time to time, the AP will run you into objects or other ships will run into you. Now, when this happens you explode and have to go back to your last save. Sometimes, you can recover and pull away, but most of the time you're dead. This combined with other ships running into you really brings down this game. There is a lot of areas that need polish. There are major areas which have no explanation as to how they work and you NEED to reference out of game material to have a chance to fully understand the way the game works. Now it is a complex and deep game, which is good, you need to learn some things for yourself, which is also good. Though when there are large parts of content that you are never told exist, then it becomes a problem. If this game introduced itself better, had better AI (or disabled collisions), and more refinement it would be much more enjoyable. If you can fight past the bad bits and enjoy space sim games, then you may enjoy this game. Though, be prepared for some rage moments when you look away and look back and see your one of a kind ship ramming itself into a gate over and over and leaving you with a "Game Over" screen.

jmhoffer, May 23, 2015

There are a lot of bad games out there, but Terran Conflict (all of X3, really) takes the cake. This game suffers from the trope The AI is a Cheating Bastard to epic proportions. There is a weapon called the Plasma Burst Generator which for most of the game is only available to AI pirates. It is impossible to beat an enemy with this weapon. The plasma burst generator will one hit kill even heavy fighter craft and there is no way to escape it nor defeat an enemy with it (maybe if you have capital ships, but you'll be dead before you ever get that far). Players are known for cheating to get the weapon, loading it onto relatively small ships and then blasting apart the most powerful ships in the game. By the time you realise your enemy has a Plasma Burst Generator, you're dead. End of story. Because they game only allows you to save at stations unless you waste your credits on "insurance" (something you can ill afford to do at game start), you can end up losing massive areas of play as you attempt to fly between sectors where you can't dock all because The AI is a Cheating Bastard. Despite this over powered weapon, due to the love of cheating amongst players of the X Series, no one has made a mod to remove it from the game and instructions on how to mod it out yourself are incomprehensible. Since you can't beat enemies with this weapon, there is no point in playing the game unless you plan on cheating (something which many players eventually admit to having done; my guess is that nearly all do). A great idea absolutely obliterated by an incompetent development team.