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Xanadu Next The village chief's daughter, Momo, has been kidnapped and you have been asked to rescue her. Finding her will not be easy. You will have to battle hordes of demons and monsters, even challenging King-Dragon himself! Can you conquer the darkness hanging over the land and return the light of the gods to XANADU! You are the only one who can save this world. It's time to plunge into the darkness!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 827
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
XSEED Games / Falcom

Xanadu Next reviews ( 3 )

zatta, Dec 8, 2016

Nothing about Xanadu Next screams quality, and it looks like a PS2 game. The story is terrible, characters are typical JRPG fare and completely forgettable. But none of this matters, because when you start playing, you're going to be hooked. Gameplay, pacing, and the sense of adventure are simple but satisfyingly consistent. Areas are visually different enough so that you feel like you're progressing through an organic world. Progression systems are fun with interesting choices to make on skills and abilities. You can redistribute your stats if you want to change them, and even level back down with some perks if necessary. This is one of those rare gems you shouldn't miss if you like games like Diablo, with more adventure and less gear-grind. 12 hours of pure blissful entertainment--this is what we want, as Creamwolf said, feed us more games like this please and ty.

Creamwolf, Nov 15, 2016

Imagine if Diablo and Dark Souls had a baby that came out looking like a polished JRPG like the ones the Playstation generation grew up with. Amazing game. Hoping for more games like this.

yosa1, Dec 27, 2016

When you start up this game you are treated to a style of rpg that does not get done much any more; there is story, exploration and character development. Here are the issues... Linear and very obvious; many rpgs pull off linear and integrate an element of choice/story/exploration; this is boring and limited. Exploration is contrived behind a theme of gates, events and again linear. I say fu, if I want to go to a dangerous ruin on an island to explore, dont set the whole thing on rails. I see no difference between this and nes mario in its reguards for player freedom. Inventory is relegated to a bunch of necessary items and must have weapons to push through an artificial obbstical. There are bugs and such that are well documented( the inventory bug on the pc can be solved by using a joystick and the switch to pointer button) (a personal and relevant stigma for some games) How does the sound for these games get tested, seriously. playing the back ground music was earsplitting due to the digital flute sound that was so shrill my neighbor pounded a wall; this is one of many complaints of the sound balancing in games. As a side note; A 10 this does not deserve, and if you give it such high praise you also describe your reasons, I applaud zatta for being descriptive. (12,28,2016)