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Xenonauts Xenonauts is a strategy game through which you control a multi-national military organization defending a Cold War-era Earth from alien invasion, using small squads of persistent soldiers to eliminate the extraterrestrials and recover their technology in turn-based ground combat.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2498
Genre General, Strategy
Company / Developer
Goldhawk Interactive / Gamethunks, Goldhawk Interactive

Xenonauts reviews ( 7 )

JamesBondX, Jan 12, 2016

Can't recommend this highly enough! It's very much like the original XCOM: UFO Defense. They included some improvements to air combat, added more realistic weapons and updated the old graphics with new 2D sprites and nicer textures. I think it looks very good with the current graphics and I like the "cold war" style, which later then get's upgraded with high-tech equipment of course. It's a great game and I'd really want to see the developers rewarded for creating this, it's all one has ever dreamed

Shagrost, Jun 1, 2013

it's like a dip into childhood and again play the most favorite game of my life, but someone carefully considered all your children's comments about balance or logic of situations. And happiness, I again experienced almost the same feeling that once experienced from the original. I did not think that would ever happen again. Thanks to the developer. Clean the chakras, not otherwise.

Sghignifiss, Jun 16, 2014

Here we are, finally writing the proper review for this game. I've decided to wait for the final version before writing anything about it because despite the long time it took to be finished, it really deserves to be evaluated in its final shape. First thing first, I must say there are lots of x-com remakes out there. Since I'm one of the few lucky players that have played (and loved, despite I was just a kid) the original series the time it was released, it is well-known that all later remakes never really succeed to reach the quality (or even the game type) of the original. X-Com: Enemy Unknown and its successors were a very complex but still very engaging type of game. None of the later versions was as deep as the old ones, and this is plain truth. Xenonauts is just another remake, but this time it is the right one. It is clear that the developers have vastly played the old series and have absorbed the real nature of it. Everything here is in place and working, something (aka aerial fights, just to tell one) is even better than the original, if it could be possible! Now that I'm grown up and I understand what tactics mean, playing this game make me desire to come back in time and play the old series the way I'm playing Xenonauts now. It's really a lot of fun. My love to the old series is even bigger now, thanks to Xenonauts and its incredible fidelity to the original game. The game itself is really well done, in mostly every aspect. It does give you the right sensation of alien invasion, it is really hard to manage every ufo in sight and succeed. Aerial fights are often quite difficult but entertaining (only con: waiting time during retreat). Ground combat is simply great, the AI is sufficiently smart to even surprise you, sometimes, and that's really appreciated for a game like this. Base management is quite intricate due to a menu system I really do not love that much, but it is still playable without great difficulty. For me is a plain 10/10 also considering it is and indie game. Absolute try for every fan of the old series.

ClMick, Nov 29, 2014

I couldn't tell you what I prefer as an original XCom fan: The first two games from the ninetees, the recent excellen reboot by Firaxis or this. Xenonauts is definitely made with a lot of love and respect for the original games. The graphics, which seem to be a stumbling point for some, look like a great continuation of the original cheap alien-movie art that was in the original. Essentially it's all about the gameplay and that could hardly have been better.

Mascalzone, Jul 8, 2017

What an amazing old style pearl! Xenonauts it's exactly what it is intended to be: a solid and pretty remake of UFO: Enemy Unknow, and you can make it even better thorugh mods.

procyon4, Dec 12, 2014

As a long time X-COM fan, in fact since the release of the DOS Enemy Unknown, I was looking forward to this remake. What a disappointment! I must say that it looks great and the combat management and base management are true to the original (With certain minor omissions that I consider irrelevant). Combat is very though even at normal difficulty setting. Your opponents are faster, more accurate and much better equipped than the best of your squad. However, since it's possible to save the game whenever you wish, it evens up the chances as far as I'm concerned. Where it breaks totally for me, it's the very short time you have before funding is cut and countries turn against you. It makes the game totally unfair and kills any feeling of accomplishment you may have. Events are happening outside your zone of control and without any possibility for you to intervene. Click on it, double click on it, right click on it but you'll never be able to make it a target for your fighters or send a squad to investigate. Nevertheless, you are penalized. This is made even worse because, regardless of where you put your base to start, the AI will automatically move the action outside of your action zone. Again, it's possible to try to mitigate this by saving often , reloading and hoping to get a better dice roll but it's a totally useless aggravation that brings nothing to the game. In the end though it's NOT a steam game, no DRM and the price on GoG is very acceptable. So, if you're a X-COM unconditional get it and hope for an update to better balance the odds on the world map.

saz, Jul 14, 2014

Really bad. Played Xcom for gees, 20 years. Clunky UI, dated graphics, just hard to play and enjoy. I did play it for a day but I couldn't finish a single game.