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Yesterday (Also known as "New York Crimes") In New York City, beggars are disappearing one after another, only to be found burnt alive. Meanwhile, a Y-shaped scar forms in the palm of the hands of seemingly unrelated people. With the police and the media giving little attention to these events, Henry White, a young and rich heir dedicated to a charitable organization, and his friend Cooper, are the first to investigate these disappearances. They are two of the three playable characters in Yesterday, the third being none other than the enigmatic John Yesterday, who is dragged into this incredible story after his memory is completely wiped.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1296
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Focus Home Interactive / Pendulo Studios

Yesterday reviews ( 7 )

LauraKat, Oct 15, 2012

This game had me hooked from the get go, throwing me straight into a world with interesting, multi-faceted characters, a mystery to solve, and beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds. I was immediately struck by how player friendly the game is. I was always given enough information to work out what to do next and if I ran into trouble there was a helpful hint system. When I tried to do something that seemed logical to me, the game would almost always let me try it and give me an informative message about why the item combination didn't work. These qualities are sadly lacking in most adventure games I've played so I applaud Yesterday for getting this so right and not leaving the player scratching their head as to why those items "don't work together". Yesterday loses a point for, yes being too short, and because consequently the narrative felt a bit rushed and I would have liked to have seen the many reveals spread out a bit more. The game took me about 8 hours but the complex story deserved twice that. Still, the game remained engaging and fun the entire time and kept me on the edge of my seat.

VoxMare, Mar 15, 2017

Отличный квест! Рассказывать о квестах дело неблагодатное, ты либо разжевываешь очевидное, либо спойлеришь, посему... Итак, игра предлагает нам неплохой сюжет, который, впрочем, довольно предсказуем и банален. Но следить за ним интересно, надеюсь в сиквеле добавят перчинки в сюжет. Куда лучше сюжета удалось повествование -- очень и очень классно все стилизованно под комикс и Рассказчик довольно забавная личность, которая не упустит возможности над нами подшутить. Не отстает и графический стиль -- все очень сочно и красиво, вот только анимации жутко страшные :) Загадки тут типичные для квестов -- совмести то, совмести се, вполне логичны и предельно просты, хотя в самом начале игра выкинет фортель и даст вам три шахматных задачки. Неплохо, неплохо. Ну а теперь об минусах, точней об минусе -- для меня он один. Нельзя выбрать сочетание озвучкиинтерфейса. А русская озвучка.. Она неплоха голосами, но интонации.. Их нет. Такое ощущение, что актерам было откровенно на♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ на то, что они записывают. Резюмируя -- неплохой, очень даже неплохой квест, с простенькими задачками, да, но менее увлекательным он не становится. Рекомендую! Только меняйте озвучку, русская плоха, ей богу.

DThomson, Mar 28, 2012

Short but stunningly sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed Yesterday from start to finish (although that might not be saying as much as you think!), it has everything a brilliant point-and-click adventure needs: an engaging plot, attractive styling, credible characters and humour in all the right places. Unfortunately the game was *so* short, taking me around 4 hours to complete, that Pendulo Studios neglected the opportunity to capitalise on these positive qualities. Unfortunately, as I feared, the current price of £20 is completely unrealistic for what's on offer. Yesterday is a great example of what the point-and-click genre has to offer, but dies down all too quickly and just leaves you wanting more. A fantastic game, and definitely worth playing... But unfortunately at £5 per hour of gameplay the price is just too high.

I_Am_Turok, Jan 3, 2013

This game is competent (I found no bugs), but approach with caution and do not expect too much. As stated elsewhere, it's short (

HapexIndustries, Mar 25, 2012

There are 3 things you won't expect in this game: first, how dark and interesting the story is; second, how many bugs there are; third, how quickly it ends. With occasional assistance from the in-game help system, I finished this game in under 5 hours, getting all three endings. I found it to be very well done and thoroughly enjoyable and yet way, waaaay too short for a full price purchase. If the game were twice as long I'd be giving it a 7 for STILL being kind of short. Then there are several extremely annoying bugs, the worst of which are sequences in the game where your inventory either becomes invisible or vanishes entirely. Kind of a big deal in an adventure game. As it is, I have to give the game a 5 if you pay full price, 6 if it's patched properly. If you somehow get it for 10-20 bucks, or money is no object to you, that review goes up to an 8.5.

spikie1011, Mar 24, 2012

Pendulo should take one more year to develop this game, maybe the story is good, but the game is too damn short. The music and the dubbing are for the most part nonexistent. There are so many bug on the subtitles ( for a point & click it's just a joke ). If u ( like me ) love all the pendulo's game, avoid this one !

Chris_DK, Jul 19, 2014

I love Pendulo Studios for making Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate and The Next Big Thing, they are absolutely great games, but Yesterday is a bitter disappointment. I really don't know what they were thinking when they made this, usually Pendulo games are joyful and charming games with funny characters that are really lovable but in this game they are trying to be gloomy and serious and it's just not their style. The story is weak and way too short to get into. The characters in this game are all boring and weak, especially the dialogs and all the endings are completely awful and short and I really dislike the comic style they have chosen for this game.