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You Don't Know Jack (2011) The YOU DON’T KNOW JACK series has been testing players' smarts and making them laugh for years with its unique trivia-based challenges and in-your-face style of gameplay. Now, THQ is bringing the wise-cracking fun and challenge of YOU DON’T KNOW JACK to today's popular video game systems (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii & DS). Filled with more than 15 hours of game play, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK offers all-new multiplayer action and online challenges via XBLA and PSN. Along with classic quiz modes such as the DisOrDat and the Jack Attack, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK offers brand new features like the Wrong Answer of the Game and collectible prizes, with more than 70 full episodes of trivia quiz show fun. A worldwide phenomenon since its debut in 1995, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK from developer Jellyvision Games has been embraced by millions of players as the gold standard for interactive trivia games.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1455
Genre Miscellaneous, Trivia / Game Show
Company / Developer
THQ / Jellyvision
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You Don't Know Jack (2011) reviews ( 6 )

stewiegrffin007, Feb 9, 2011

YDKJ returns with flying colors. If you haven't ever heard of You Don't Know Jack, you're in for a real treat. The game combines witty humor combining general and pop-culture knowledge into something challenging yet hilarious. The writing really shines here and the host/cast really work the content. I often found myself laughing so hard I couldn't read the question. Great for lonely gamers and party-ers alike. And best of all, it's only 30 smackers. You won't be disappointed.

WartysNeryon, Feb 15, 2013

To start off this review, I'm going to address the elephant in the room that the PC version of this edition of YDKJ has: that's right, the limitations in multiplayer and the lack of DLC support (not helped by the tweets I've read about). Yes, this is precisely the reason I'm not giving this game any higher than a 7. It's been two years since this game came out, THQ is dead and Jellyvision went on make a Facebook app for this game, so there's no chance of this getting an update, or at least not much of one, sadly. Okay, with that out of the way, it still can be pretty enjoyable, although I've heard that the older versions are particularly better, and I have seen gameplay footage of the older versions (and I personally hope to get them at some point in time). At 73 "episodes" lasting around 10-12 minutes each, there are plenty of questions to get to every now and then alone or with a friend, and there's still some good humor although some jokes can fall flat, but based upon what I've seen of the older games, it felt more simplified. To anyone at Jellyvision, at a quite unlikely event that you'll come across this review, and if you are contemplating another retail release, all I ask is that the PC version of that next edition at least include online multiplayer, support for controllers/additional keyboards and DLC support. Not saying it should be superior to a console version in any way, but I'd really appreciate it if PC ports are not watered down.

C_J, May 5, 2011

By including only 2-player support for the PC version along with zero DLC and - to a lesser extent (because it's not as good as having mates playing together in the same room), no on-line play, Jellyvision pretty much alienated a huge number of their existing fans. ~~~I UNDERSTAND that the adjusted format makes it tough to fit everyone around a single keyboard - but there are NUMEROUS solutions that would have been really easy to implement. Let us plug in gamepads! Or let us customize the keys! Jeez, for a fraction of the cost of the game, we could buy a second keyboard and have them both plugged in simultaneously. All of the above would have been really easy to add, so their absence just comes across as complete contempt for their PC customers. ~~~As a person who's happily purchased 7 or 8 YDKJ titles in the past, I'm sadly passing this one by. I haven't given this the lowest rating possible because the quality of the content seems to be a good return to form - but I do hope that a revised edition some day gets released for PC - one which I'll once again happily buy. Until then, there are plenty of other titles that I'll be buying instead (and I'll potter about on YDKJ: The Ride, if the urge really takes me). ~~~It's been said by others - and now it'll be repeated by me: a party game for just two players is no party.

Triggerhappy938, Nov 28, 2011

Essentially this port suffers from PC apathy. The 2 player limit on the PC port misses the point of the YDKJ series entirely, and the lack of DLC really hurts the game's longevity. Ultimately, this comes off as a quick and dirty attempt to get a few bucks out of PC gamers who heard good things about the game's console release.

BinarySplit, Feb 15, 2011

Awful. This game takes the worst of previous JDKJ games and makes them worse. There is a 2 player limit. That means this is no longer a party game, it's more like a game that you play when you're alone or bored and have only 1 friend.The inter-question cutscenes are painfully long, repetitive and unskippable. Often both players will know the answer before the announcer has finished reading the question and be madly hammering their buzzers because you can't buzz in until the question has finished being read.The questions are easy. Anyone with a college education should have no trouble getting at least 3/4 of them correct. I'm no trivia buff, but this really does seem to only try to appeal to the lowest denominator of person. If you like interesting factoids, TV Game shows like Jeopardy! provide much more interesting content. Previous games at least let you choose each question from a list of topics.There are 73 "episodes", each with 10 questions. Many of the achievements rely on you completing at least half of these. If you want a sense of accomplishment, prepare to spend some hard time working on to get these.Overall, if you want a fun trivia/party game, don't get this. Get one of the older YDKJ games.

mophie, May 27, 2011

Total and utter waste. PC users got totally shafted with a lazy port. TWO player party game? Don't be absurd. Is there anything good about it? Sure - if insulting your earlier customers is your idea of a good time, you'll have a right old laugh.Does this game deserve a zero? No - it deserves a MINUS score because despite some obviously good content, all the game managed to do was annoy me every time I realised I could only play it with one friend.Refunded.How difficult would it have been to add controller support, seriously? Four or five players would have been a doddle.Someone didn't know Jack - didn't expect it to be the developers.