You Don't Know Jack: 5th Dementia Crack/Patch

You Don't Know Jack: 5th Dementia It's an excellent party game, but unlike its predecessors, its online play component also makes it ideal even when other people aren't at home.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1314
Genre Miscellaneous, Trivia / Game Show
Players 1-3
Company / Developer
Sierra Entertainment / Jellyvision

You Don't Know Jack: 5th Dementia reviews ( 2 )

TimG., Jun 28, 2001

I have every single one, and this is my favorite. Not only can I play at my house with friends, I can meet them online when we don't want to move our lazy asses!

ChristopherS., Aug 18, 2001

I'm very glad that this YDKJ has online access, but you may find your opponents winning because they've "played this episode already. The bug out is, in my opinion, a masterpiece, and the only reason I'm forced to give this a nine is because, sigh, they idn't make it so that you could CHOOSE the catagories. Overall, the sound was magnificent, and the addition of pictures given to players was hilarious. So, In short, most teens should have a lot of fun with this irreverent trivia explosion. And, if you don't chow down on the popcorn package at the bottom of the bag!