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You Must Build A Boat

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1193
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
EightyEight Games / EightyEight Games

You Must Build A Boat reviews ( 3 )

rebane2001, Jul 20, 2015

You'll start out on a tiny boat. As you play, you'll unlock items, people (who sell you stuff or do something else useful) and more. To progress, you'll have to play an addictive tile-matching game, but instead of just matching tiles, you'll have to choose the right ones, like swords for fighting monsters and keys to unlock chests. If this game is too easy or hard, you can simply lower difficulty/reward. Game has quite a few areas and even through there isn't that much re-playability, the first time will be long. I really like this game

TenchuuKhan, Aug 25, 2015

Oh I would totally recommend it to anyone feeling like wasting his time with matching tiles. That's all there is to this game really: match tiles, in a smart way of course but... match tiles, that's all there is to it - don't be fooled by all the other stuff supposedly going on in this game. Because, all you're going to do is matching tiles

Cy_Chosis, Jul 1, 2016

This game is gay. Perhaps I'd have a better explanation if I could find any way to relate to it other than trying to drag my brain back to the pre-nintendo/sega era. But since that's how I probably would have described it then, it's only fitting they get that now. (This game would have died a horrible death back then, so why make it now?)