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Youtubers Life Youtubers Life is a life simulation/tycoon videogame in which you can become the world’s greatest video blogger in history. Edit videos, expand the amount of fans and turn yourself into a wealthy fellow.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1170
Genre Simulation, Virtual, Virtual Life
Company / Developer
U-Play Online / U-Play Online

Youtubers Life reviews ( 3 )

Anxo, Jul 18, 2017

Un juego que fue muy promocionado vía youtube, y sinceramente me parece un buenjuego. Se echa en falta contenido, pues se hace repetitivo y corto, pero por el precio que tiene actualmente está muy bien.

Valderubius, Apr 7, 2018

Este juego es divertido pero sólo al principio, luego te das cuenta de que los patrones de jugabilidad se repiten constantemente y eso lo convierte en UNA PUTA MIERDA.

wegie125, Nov 15, 2017

I was so excited to finally get my hands on this game and wow was I having such a great first 2 hours. It was so much fun until you realize how everything is just repeating itself. 1. Make video 2. Eat 3. Sleep 4. Go To Movies 5. New Home 6. Repeat There is nothing more to this game. Sound is horrible, making videos was never even fun to begin with, and none of the other choices for video making change anything about the game other than live performances. Horrible game and ends very quickly.