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Ys Origin Ys Origin is a game that takes place 700 years before the events of Ys I & II.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2000
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
XSEED Games / Falcom
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Ys Origin reviews ( 7 )

awildseaking, Jul 24, 2012

I noticed not many people are capable of writing a proper review, so I had to chime in. Ys Origin is NOT a console experience. Ys Origin is a PC exclusive. Although Falcom has recently turned to the psp and vita after they lost their PC distributor, they developed almost exclusively PC since the early 80s. The Zelda feeling people are getting should be flipped: the Ys series, which branched off from Dragonslayer, began in 1987. The first LoZ was released in 1986. Dragonslayer began in 1984. The modern day Zelda experience is absolutely nothing like Ys, and serves as a horrible comparison. Ys is traditionally known for its music and difficult boss fights. The composers are from the jdk sound team, which is the remnants of the jdk band from the early 90s. Their primary genre was metal. The boss fights and general gameplay is often cited as using button mashing. Unless you want to die every time, you won't use button mashing. Most boss fights have patterns and tiers, so you can't just inflict massive amounts of damage all at once. Many people also tend to think the gameplay requires grinding. Since levels only affect your base stats, this statement is false. The stages within boss fights do not allow you to do any more than a set amount of damage, so all grinding helps you with is staying alive longer if you get hit a lot. In short, grinding is only necessary if you're bad. A single playthrough on Nightmare takes about 30 hours the first time through. There are 3 playable characters with different stories and boss fights, so a full, 100% completion of the story could take you 70 or 80 hours to complete. There is also a time attack mode for boss fights, which helps to add a bit more replay ability to the game. For $20, this is a great game that everyone should consider trying.

NOAHOXP2, Nov 13, 2012

Amazing! It reminds me of playing an old hard game when things used to be difficult (when on highest difficulty setting) I'm addicted so far. This is definetley worth getting!

krugman25, Nov 7, 2014

I played this game beginning to end and finished much (70-80%) of the side quests. I played through the game with dual Lone-Wolf on the hardest difficulty to get the best possible experience. I have about 100 hours invested in the game as of the writing of this review. Here is a quick rundown of the pro's and cons from my play through. *RPG Element - The RPG element of the game is deep and well fleshed out. This is a break of fresh air considering how shallow and watered down RPG games have been over the past 10 years. *Strategy Element - This isn't a run in and destroy everything type of game. Strategy is very much required and with the interaction with environment and very large skill trees it makes for dynamic and rich strategic combat. Even with a perfectly built out team, best gear, best skills/spells, without implementing good strategy you will get destroyed *No Grind - One of the first RPGs I have ever played where you don't grind and yet you make it through the game trying to stay ahead of the difficulty curve. Monsters don't re-spawn which means you can level beyond the monster which keeps the game tough, but it also eliminates the type of grinding required in 99% of all RPGs. Rewarding Battles - This is a combination of all of the above, most battles, even small trash mob type battles took me anywhere from 15-60 minutes to complete. Again the game puts an emphasis on strategy and instead of grinding the same mob hundreds of times for hours, you fight 1 mob 1 time but they make sure you work for it and you get rewarded as if you had been grinding it for hours. Rich World - The world is rich and vibrant. Some of the world feels bright and happy while other parts are dark and foreboding. The developers did a great job at drawing you deep into the game both through story telling and developing a world so real you forget you are playing a game. *Good Skill Tree/Loot - The game doesn't shower you in uber gear but it also doesn't keep it out of reach. You feel like you find good gear just often enough to make it rewarding but not so often that it becomes meaningless. My only complain here is that is errs a little to much to the side of being too stingy with gear. There were times where I would go 20-30 hours of gameplay before I found that better pair of gloves. Also there are plenty of well flesh out skill trees. You learn different skill trees, mix and match and try and find the best synergies between different trees. Because of that there is an almost unlimited number of unique character builds. I could probably list another half dozen minor things but those are the major pro's that stand out. My only complaint of this game is that the story line starts strong in the beginning but because a bit shallow and far fetched towards the end. Also the graphics are merely "ok". Although the game does have very nice looking spell animation. Overall any minor cons of this game are all but forgotten with all of the good it has going for it. It's a breath of fresh air to once again play a real RPG in the 21st century.

GCKReviews, Aug 18, 2013

Its a good game alot of save points so if your the type that don't really have time to play alot this is perfect for you and it offers nice and challenging bosses

reztes, Mar 14, 2013

It is a simple and direct game. It's fun, fast paced and beautiful. Unlike another Ys titles, all the game is placed inside a great tower but each level of that tower has its own theme. I think Ys Origin is a very enjoyable game and I recommend it.

xisailuo, Jun 2, 2012

I hhave played Japanese Version serval years ago, Falcom at that time made a lot of YS. YSO is the last one. YSO is the better than YSF and YS6. The great boss fight design, and three charactors have three totally different combat systems. Falcom also involved some shooting game elements into this game. This game is great, players who like old school arpg should play the game

dprkforum, Jun 6, 2012

The game is a quick-paced, button mashing adventure. It has a very arcade-like feel, which adds to the charm. The graphics feel dated, and two-dimensional at times, but this game is obviously not going for ultra-realism. However, in an odd way, it brings that nostalgic feel. It is a very average game, but sometimes, average works.