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Ziggurat Ziggurat is a dungeon crawler FPS, with procedurally-generated scenarios and encounters. You'll face dozens of dangerous enemies while you find new and powerful spells, and learn helpful perks in your quest to overcome this deadly test.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1724
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Fantasy, Arcade
Company / Developer
Milkstone Studios / Milkstone Studios
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Ziggurat reviews ( 7 )

thetimin8or, Nov 1, 2014

This game is really addictive. At first it played it here and there, now I play it all the time. This game is a Randomly Generated Maze FPS. At first, it's pretty complicated, after awhile you unlock more weapons it become more complicated. Each play through can be completely different than the last. Even if the run you are getting is bad, it's not all based on luck, with the skill, you can pull out of the bad run and end up winning in the end. Difficult when it needs to be, easy when it needs to be, this game is really good, I highly recommend it.

Ciastek63, Oct 27, 2014

The best roguelite FPS yet! Fun combat, great weapon variety and punishing difficulty (unless you choose to play on easy, you big baby!). The graphic style is pretty nice too, though the music is nothing special (but that can be easilly fixed). Overall I'd say this is more of an 8+ but I gave it a 9 becouse it really has now competitors in the procedurally generated shooter subgenre.

j0tun, Oct 26, 2014

Ziggurat is a true indie gem and a must in every collection of the rogue like fan. Tons of unlocks, extremely beautiful art style and amazing gameplay. The devs are hard at work and releases updates continously. Now stop reading this review and go buy it!

Atlark, Oct 29, 2014

Really challenging, graphics are appealing and the gameplay works really well. Even if it's a roguelite, it manages to be skill depedent, the luck is still there, but playing the game many times will make you capable to handle even the toughest rooms without using perks or weapons that you find powerful. I loved the unlocks, they are really interesting and overall they bring to game so much variety that you'll continue to play even after beating the game. Although, if you are look for a RPG Roguelike, then this is not what are you looking for, this game is a complete different genre, of course, there is a levelling system, but other than taking perks you don't have other characteristics or skills to upgrade.

RockStarGamers, Jul 28, 2015

A fun dungeon crawler that mixes old-school bullet hell shooter mechanics with modern procedural generation, all wrapped up in Warcraft style graphics.

EchoBlack, Nov 22, 2014

It plays a lot like Heretic/Hexen would if they had Roguelike elements. Map layouts are far more arena-like and not as complex as they were in the classics, though. You must pick from a number of characters (you start with one, but can unlock others) and reach the 5th floor to win, and every floor is randomly generated from a number of pre-built rooms that are then strung together. A floor ends when you beat its boss, and you will need a Portal Key to summon the boss. The game has permadeath and you can only save between floors. There is a good variety of weapons (the pool grows bigger as you unlock more of them) spread across 4 categories. The first is the basic wand, whose mana (ammunition) replenishes quickly and automatically for all characters. Different characters will have different properties for this starting weapon, such as faster or slower ROF, a differently-styled secondary attack, less or more accuracy. The second class of weapons are books, whose attacks are typically shotgun-like and don't consume too much mana. The third type are staves that function as rapid-fire crowd control weapons, and mostly have a primary attack with good accuracy and a secondary that excels at close quarters, burning through your mana rapidly while firing a barrage of projectiles inaccurately. The fourth and last type are weapons that deal area damage. These are usually firearms or throwable explosives, and often have a steep mana cost per use. Some weapons deal self-explanatory status effects, such as poison, stun, or freezing. You can find usable amulets that must be recharged (by killing monsters), lore scrolls (these give a large EXP boost) and occasionally perks. You also get to choose between two (or three with the Bookworm perk) random perks on level up. In roguelike fashion, you can find statues in certain rooms that allow you to trade your health or mana (or offer nothing, for a lower chance of success I presume) for a possible bonus. You can get a random effect (Divine Indifference) or even a punitive malus from these statues. I have thoroughly enjoyed this game so far. The challenge is markedly above average and you can extract many hours of quality gameplay from Ziggurat. The shooting feels tight and fast-paced, and the emphasis on dodging projectiles gives the game an interesting quasi-old-school feel. When I first played this game, I ended up stopping only six hours later, and in my book that's pretty high praise.

suneater, Oct 27, 2014

Despite calling itself a dungeon crawling RPG "Rogue-LITE", Ziggurat plays more akin to a classic arcade game. I could imagine walking past this in an arcade as a kid, waiting for my turn while watching people popping quarters between lives, and typing in my initials as ASS into the high score board once I ran out of allowance. However, this isn't an arcade game; It calls itself a dungeon-crawling RPG, and should then be held up to those standards. Is a 5 level dungeon with floor consisting of a dozen or so randomized rooms a proper dungeon crawler? No. The only definitive RPG element here is picking between two perks after killing so many enemies. So what's left? A magic-based FPS? Bunny-hopping and circle-strafing to dodge bullet hell spell spam? Ziggurat is extremely underwhelming. Short on content, the "rogue-lite" "depth" of this game (which is increasingly becoming an excuse to be lazy) means you'll just be replaying the same 5 levels over and over with different characters that you can unlock. If the game was 20 or even just 10 levels long, with more rooms, you might have an actual game here. As it stands, I feel like I spent $12 on a paid demo. I do not recommend this game as it stands unless the devs really step it up and add more content.