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Zombie Driver As the name suggests there are zombies and there is driving in the game. The goal is to rescue survivors from a zombie infested city... No it's not just an excuse for killing innocent zombies! Well... maybe it is... :) but they are not innocent, they are zombies and they are evil!!! [Exor]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1861
Genre Driving, Racing, Arcade, Futuristic
Company / Developer
ValuSoft , EXOR Studios / EXOR Studios

Zombie Driver reviews ( 7 )

Grimace, Feb 22, 2011

This game is simple is awesome! I have several friends who play and leader board competitions between friends keeps me coming back to defend my scores. The graphics are well done and the physics are excellent. Playing with a controller makes the game more enjoyable as well. Hoping for Zombie Driver 2 with multiplayer.

AlexanderB, Dec 23, 2009

Very good game with its only flaw being that it is a bit repetive. However that is not such as a bad thing seeing how fun it is. It is great in short busts and thats how I think you should play it. Overall for $10 it is definatley worth buying.

digimortal81, Jan 3, 2011

The hate this game gets is beyond me-I bought it for 2.49 and I love it. If you pay more than ten for this I guess you could gripe a bit. It is Death Race with Zombies. Play this game loud and with a couple of beers it is even better. That can lead to drunken facebook posts about your game score since the game allows you to post to facebook.The art and sound has a solid feel to it-the environments and cars look polished and play well against each other visually-however it do not understand how you can destroy a light post but not a tree??the different game types (3) and the variation in the arenas with the multiple cars make it very replayable. Of course the missions are very similar but that is why you have different cars and different secondary objectives. I do enjoy the silly/stupid things the survivors say when you pick them up. My favorite is the racing mode-the game shines with all the carnage. i WISH it had multiplayer because that would make the race mode or co-op slaughter mode amazing.I'd give a 10 but I am knocking off 1 point since you can't play against other people online.

[anonymous], Dec 19, 2009

I liked it! Its very short but funny as hell. You should know...it's nothing more then a casual game. It is possible to play through it in less then 3 hours but if you like to drive and shoot zombies for fun you you will like it for a long time.

Vladaimmortal, Jul 2, 2012

pretty decent game for a price of 1 euro ( on discount) but not worth its full price of 8 euros. game is quite fun but ur eyes will just hurt from camera if u go fast thats main issue in my oppinion

JoshM, Jan 1, 2010

For the £1.79 I payed for it, I enjoy the game. How the Onion can give it 0 is impossible. The graphics are better than some games coming out these days and combined with the physics it makes for a fun time playing. However the game is short on missions and needs a free roam mode to make it really worth while. Future updates could remedy this easily and from what I've seen, they will come.

mckw, Jul 14, 2013

Could not play this game pass the hour mark as it is a complete waste of time. Terrible mechanics and boring gameplay. Avoid at ALL cost. Free or paid, your time is just wasted by this terrible game