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Zombie Night Terror Prepare yourself. Something strange has happened and people everywhere are turning into blood thirsty walking corpses. But guess who’s the brains behind this hungry undead army? YOU! So spread this pandemic and wipe humanity of the planet.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1344
Genre Puzzle, Action
Company / Developer
Gambitious / NoClip

Zombie Night Terror reviews ( 6 )

Amir-Hadzi, Aug 2, 2016

Another zombie game most of the people would say but don't judge the game by it's name. This game is a tactical puzzle game where your goal is to lead your brainless horde of zombies to do a certain task like kill some people, reach certain area and so on. As i have said you are leading a horde of zombies with many different mechanics ranging from upgrading them to leaps and combustion. Most levels require a high level of strategical planning. Game is easy to learn hard to master type of game and it brings something new to zombie type of games today. Game comes with beautiful artwork, great variety of mechanics, visual effects, music and sound effects. Jokes and good references are a good addition to this game. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzles or zombie games because it's a good blend of both genres. Price is a bit higher then i would priced it at 13€ but if you buy it you won't regret it

Urko2005, Jul 21, 2016

Very humorous well designed zombie game on a Lemmings type gameplay theme. Great artwork and music/sound effects. Fun to replay levels, and an editor is planned for a couple of months time.

sh4dow, Jan 2, 2017

What a great game - finished it in 2 days. About 16 hours... So it's definitely not a short game, especially considering the usual low indie game price. The only thing I didn't like were some of the later levels that seemed kind of lazy design-wise by forcing the player to memorize at least parts of the levels. Also, I wasn't fond of some challenges, like having to find secret rooms. Time constraints - fine. Item/Power/Weapon constraints - fine. But having to search around for a secret room and stuff like that - No. I was also hoping for more levels in the style of the earlier ones. I get that the developers wanted to mix it up and I guess every world has a bit of its own theme, even gameplay-wise and that's good - but I wanted more! It took me 16 hours, so... it's unreasonable to ask for even more. I guess what I'm really asking for is one or two or three sequels. Unfortunately, it seems that this game isn't particularly popular? So grab it while it's still fresh and the publisher can see that they should keep this franchise alive!! (One more unfortunate thing - I feel that the game could've relatively easily been improved by having a scoring system similar to Dustforce. Not necessarily speed but recorded plays on leaderboards across all published versions, even DRM-free.)

Vonak, Jul 21, 2016

This game is awesome, it is a mix of Old lemmings gameplay with zombies. Some levels are intense Puzzle, some others are more action based. The art style is really great and the game is full of Movies/game references and jokes.

iseeall, Jan 16, 2017

Lemmings in zombie apocalypse setting: you guide a horde of zombies across puzzle-like levels, trying to infect all humans on the level. Very funny, and pretty challenging. The good: - it's basically Lemmings, Lemmings was a great game, and there weren't any remakes (at least those I know of) for over 20 years, so this one is very welcome - funny setting, supported by humorous cutscenes, dialogs, animations - the puzzles get pretty interesting and challenging, and the rate at which they get more difficult is appropriate - pixelated indie graphics in dark tones (mostly black and gray) look very appropriate The so-so: - the starting menu was pretty confusing, maybe more tooltips are needed there. Though its design as "chapters of a movie" is pretty interesting - the overal dark humor tone, while extremely hilarious to male adults (I loved it) might be bad for women or kids. E.g. I'm not sure my wife would play it. It's not really a minus point, just saying the game in not for everyone, obviously. - it feels unrealistic (though funny) that many humans don't run away from zombies and instead simply scream (especially female humans). I'd expect everyone to run away as long as they could, until they reach a wall, and only scream when there is no way out left. Maybe weaponless humans could even give a fist fight for little dmg before their deaths. The bad: - you can't save mid-level. Which means, if you loose a level, you have to start it all over again. This is especially annoying if you are trying to get the "perfect run" (achievement). You may have to replay the parts you already know over and over - can't fast forward more than x2. With so frequent re-tries there should be options for x4 or even x8 and x16 speed. - camera should move when you touch the screen edges with the mouse cursor - that's how PC games work. Using arrow keys for camera movement is clumsy. This game will stay on my PC for a while. If I get too annoyed by having to retry the more difficult levels several times, I can just make a break and try another day.

GamesXtreme, Aug 31, 2016

In this wonderful age of playing the enemy, Zombie Night Terror has reared it's ugly, decaying head. A cross in if Plague Inc. met and married your old school Lemmings--this wonderful and entertaining game would be the by-product. Zombie Night Terror is smart and fun, but can also be wildly frustrating at times. The first couple levels ease you in like any Pengu/Lemming type game would. You get a handful of zombies willing to pound and smash their ways through blockading doors keeping idiot humans safe and sound on the other side. This escalates quickly however, and by the time you're at a twenty minute 'just play for fun' run, you're panicking and shouting at your computer that you probably clicked that button! Zombie Night Terror is a good play, but not for the faint of heart if you look to always beat the pants off of your games. I can only recommend this title if you've really sharpened your claws as a kid playing Lemmings or the like, otherwise it might not be the title for you.